Fairy Adventurer

  • SVS OG

    I had an idea for a piece and I wanted to see if it made sense to people, or if I seem to be trying to mix too many things.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.15.48 PM.png

    I wanted to play with the idea of classic fairies, but instead of some pale, dainty, butterfly-winged girl with a gauzy dress made of petals, I wanted a more down-to-earth type of fairy. I still wanted her to be somewhat feminine, but have a more adventuring type personality, and more practical clothes. Is that coming across? Am I trying to mix too many ideas here?

  • really nice! love the perspective!

  • Looking good! I don't know I always think that an adventure should include a backpack or some sort of carrier that convey a sense of surviving. I see your got rope but I personally think that fairy can fly to almost anywhere they want and the rope does not say much to me. I would look into surviving supplies like water container, a hat, or even a binocular (it might look a bit like explorer but exploring is an adventure as well). Maybe I'm wrong everyone takes different stuffs with them when they are on adventure. Oh I would also look into stylize her wings a bit because the shape is a bit close to those pedals. Love the composition so far

  • I like your idea...you have a good start here. I agree with Naroth that you need to carefully consider what items are being displayed. I do like your idea of the fairy character being more of an adventurer.

  • haha for some reason I could not help imaging her putting her wings down and goes on an adventure on feet. My silly imagination once again.

  • I Agrree with Naroth. Also, I could see goggles over top of that headband.

  • I agree with the others, I love the fact you have a sense of life in the image.

  • @Sarah-LuAnn I don't think you're mixing too many things. This seems like a strong concept that will speak to many people, as it did to me.

    I agree with others that her "supplies" will be very important here, right down to her gloves and boots. I love the big deep pockets you have on her jacket. I think she could do without a backpack (tricky for someone with wings) as long as she has enough big pockets. If you get rid of the rope, that makes room more pockets up high (along these lines).

    I'm thinking, too, that she may be a bit heavier than your average fairy. In that case, she'll have a harder time standing on leaves and petals, may pull them down a bit or have to choose really sturdy landing places. I feel like her presence would be having a stronger impact on the flower.

    Can't wait to see where you take this 🙂

  • SVS OG

    So I made some tweaks in photoshop to see if I could get it working better. They aren't super polished changes, just pushing things around before I do a finished drawing. I gave her goggles, a bag, more pockets, and had the flower bend more due to her weight. Better, worse?

    Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.11.58 AM.png

  • @Sarah-LuAnn Love the goggles etc. I think it is a wonderful illustration with beautiful linework. When your satisfied with the final result. think about making a series. that can be so nice for a calendar (just an idea).

  • SVS OG


    And here it is colored. I'm mostly happy with how it came out, but not 100% satisfied, so any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

  • I think it looks really great. Maybe a little more contrast on the face so it pops a little more but I don't think I would change much else.

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