SCBWI Illinois Prairie Writers and Illustrators Day

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    I just registered for the SCBWI Illinois Prairie Writers and Illustrators day which is being held on Nov 14th this year.

    I went last year and really enjoyed the experience but I was not able to secure one of the portfolio review spots as they go quickly. I was disappointed to miss out at the time but think everything happens for a reason and I was not really ready yet.

    I made sure I was clicking refresh at noon today when the registration opened and I got the add on Portfolio Review spot!

    I think having that date set now - is a perfect driving factor for getting the new pieces I have in mind done and ready for the review.

    So I will definitely be turning to all of you amazing artists for input on them along the way. So excited!

    (Note: If any of you are in the area of Northern Illinois and interested in attending - the registration link is:

    Would be great to meet you in person at the event if you happen to go!

  • its a bit too far for me! I am the uk.

  • SVS OG

    Sounds like you will have fun Rich! Hope you get lots of good info in your portfolio review!!

  • Rich, I'm so excited for you! have a lot of fun. Keep us posted.

  • Ah, thats really exciting! Love to be there, but I live in the netherlands. So Ill probably can't make it XD. Write us a nice blog, that we won't miss to much of it!

  • @Rich-Green Congrats on getting the spot!

    I'm attending my first SCBWI conference in a week and a half (Illustrators day in San Francisco). Given that you went last year, do you have any tips on how to make the most of it?

  • SVS OG

    Thanks @Maile-McCarthy!

    There is a wonderful write up by Esther Hershenhorn who is a veteran SCBWI Conference Goer aimed at helping folks who are new to attending them.

    You can find it here:

    I think she has done a wonderful job of covering just about everything you can think of and prep for in advance. So hopefully you find it helpful as well!


  • @Rich-Green Thank you so much!!

  • @Rich-Green @Maile-McCarthy I'm going to register for the SCBWI Los Angeles Illustrator's day that's at the end of the month on 9/26. And it's going to by my first one too. So thank you for the helpful link!

  • I'm new to all this and I had never heard of SCBWI. I'm in the Midwest so I'm definitely going to join and try to attend! Thanks so much for sharing

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    Hi @kimchizerbe welcome! Yes the SCBWI is a wonderful organization and have regional chapters all over the place. I saw from your profile on here that you are located in Michigan. Looks like they have groups that meet all around your state. See here;

    Actually if you check out the list of links on that page (in the purple bar on the right side of the screen) they have more info on crtique groups, blogs, newsletters etc so definitely worth checking out.

    I attend the monthly meeting for the Chicago area Illustrator network and have met so many great people and learned so much from the topics that are discussed and so on. So I highly recommend checking out what is available in your area.

    And then the regional events like the IL Prairie Day are great as well. I have not yet made it out to one of the big conference (LA or NYC) but I heard that in 2016 there is going to be a big one here in Chicago so I am really looking forward to that.

    It was actually a webinar I participated in, hosted via the WI SCBWI chapter, with special guest Will Terry where I learned about SVS!

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