3rd Thursday Drawing/Value Study (Charlie)

  • I like no I mean I love number 3 because of the strong bright flame shining and sharing its light at its surrounding, warm meet cool and clearly draw your attention to the image right away. Other images also do the same thing but number 3 is being more dramatic. I personally think it kind of fit the text! My kind of mood I gotta say :D. Great job!

  • Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! Sounds like #2 is in the lead at the moment, but I'll hold off for a day or two before committing to a final color scheme. The upper left corner of the composition felt a little too linear to me so I roughly sketched in another branch. Do you all think this is an improvement?

    Thanks again!


  • Yep I think it is.

  • I wonder if you did a little color shift to blue near the edges of the green if it would cool off and push the distant trees into the background (like the blue in 3 and 4) just an idea, looks great though! You never stop inspiring me to do great work, thanks Baskin!

  • @baskin Hi Jason, Love the illustration! What I really like is the effort you put in it to see what works! Now you can pick your favorite, or let your audience pick the best. for now I like nr two best. Maybe its nice if you give the dinosaur on the left some sparkles in his eyes? My Youngest son would love to have a print in his bedroom, I am sure!

  • Great suggestions - thanks, Jason and Leontine! I'll be sure to explore those options too.

    All the best,

  • @baskin XD

  • Hi again!

    I started obsessing about a couple details and decided to make a few more composition tweaks before moving on to the final rendering. The triceratops silhouette and placement was bothering me, and I felt that the right side of the frame needed some overlap with the foreground tree to create a sense of depth. I also added a branch to the upper left. Still leaning toward the number 2 color scheme. Hopefully the final render will go smoothly.

    Thanks again for all the great feedback so far!

  • SVS OG

    For me the last version is a better composition - a very successful composition - i think if the triceratops seems like a tangent with the tree i would try moving the back left leg a tiny bit in away from the tree....that composition really flows nicely ...its an excellent piece

  • Your doing really well, I love your process. I would try and create more distance between your dinos, and the background, otherwise great work

  • SVS OG

    Sorry - meant back right leg..... 🙂

  • Thanks very much Kevin and Steve - your comments have been really helpful! I'll post another update soon.


  • @baskin I'm late to the party here but you have some great things going with this design. The trex is my favorite. I'm also siding with Naroth and choosing #3. This would make a great limited palette color image using those colors. Great work!!

  • Hi again, everyone-

    Here is a first pass at my final rendering. I think some of my other schemes might have also worked, but ultimately I settled on version 2 since it seemed to be the most popular.

    I'm not sure if I should try pushing this further to lose the original pencil lines, or if I should keep them. As mentioned earlier, I am still pretty new to the digital process, and generally prefer the look of traditional media. If I can find time, I may even try to re paint this in oil or watercolor for comparison.

    I'd love to hear your feedback, as always.

    Thanks in advance,


  • SVS OG

    This is beautiful! I love the color palette, and the pencil lines are hardly noticeable. If anything, they add to the picture 😃 Sorry I can't offer anything to improve it, i think it is splendid!

  • Wonderful, I would keep the pencil lines they make it work really well. Great stuff.

  • Thanks very much for the kind words, Lynn and Steve! I really appreciate your feedback.


  • @baskin Great job. This turned out perfectly!

  • This came out great! Lovely lighting and also dinos are so cute. They make me smile as if i'm part of the picture 😃

  • This is so great! Everything about it just works!

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