Tree house WIP

  • @chip-valecek Hi Chip, I've wanted to give you a critique for such a long time now - since you've helped us with programming for so long! We really appreciate it!

    I know I'm late on this one. You've done so much and received so much help thus think of this as suggestions for your next painting - don't feel you have to make the changes (if you like them) on this one.

    First - you created such a great spooky mood! It's really cool!

    Second - here are some things I would consider: 1) The skin color of the boy should be a reflection of the colors surrounding him...he's so bright in that dark scene. 2) Your composition is split down the middle with both trees getting almost the same space and weight. If you make one much larger and dominant it will give you a better composition - making the others much smaller. 3) The tree seems like it will fill up the house leaving no room for occupants - I gave your tree a large branch so your house can sit in between the branches - you can even put a third one behind for more support. Remember that it should be able to function in the real world - or close - to fool your viewers into believing your illusion. 4) I saw in an earlier sketch you had the dog going the opposite way as the path curved. Your little boy looks too small because your path doesn't get wider in perspective at the same rate your dog gets this makes the boy look small compared to the dog. To solve this simply increase the rate to which the path foreshortens. 5) The dog coming into frame keeps us in your composition instead of taking us out through the corner.

    I really hope this helps 🙂

    Again - THANK YOU CHIP!!!0_1498595545705_35434534.jpg

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @will-terry Thanks for the critique! Its crazy how you don't see these things till someone else points them out to you. Great feedback, thanks!

  • @chip-valecek When I finished school in 1992 ( I know right?) I had no idea what was good or bad in my own work...until I relived it a year or two later - then I could see what was wrong. It's just mileage.

  • You should be proud of a job well done! Looks really creepy and funny at the same time.

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