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    Need some advice. I used Windsor Newton colorless masking fluid. But I made the mistake of masking over already painted/dry watercolor. When I took it off about 20 minutes later it took some of my watercolor paint off. Is there a product out there that I can use that wouldn't do this? Or should I only mask over unpainted paper? Or maybe spray with fixative before I mask the paint? I would appreciate any tricks you all have discovered. Thanks!

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    The amount it lifts off is directly related to the paper. If your paper has a high absorption rate (low sizing amount) it won't lift off that much. A paper that is pretty good for that are Arches cold press bright white.

    If your paper has a lot of sizing (like Canson Montval which I use a lot), then it might pick it up a bit more.

    If you know you are going to add masking fluid on top of paint, you can seal those layers in with a fixative and you shouldn't have a problem.

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    @Lee-White Awesome Thank you Lee! I was trying Arches bright white but it was hot press, I usually use Arches 140lb cold press (had never masked over color before though) I Love, love the trick you shared about fixative over my pencil lines, it is awesome not to have pencil smear 🙂

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