Doodleworx's Sketchbook

  • @tessw Thanks Tess! It is very much appreciated! Thanks for all of your work and help!

  • 0_1500493425481_Anubis-levelled.jpg
    Anubis pencil sketch in digital. This was a favourite old pencil sketch from a few years ago that I redrew. I think the values are much better in this one.

  • @doodleworx
    Frontier Justice sketch. I redrew this character from an old pencil sketch of mine. It was probably my favorite piece of work I had ever made and I was very proud of it, until I decided to redraw it digitally and I realized how much work I had to put into it to repair it. The funny thing about art is you can see something that you have created and at that moment think that you can't do any better. Years later you realized that your art is always evolving and to be happy with what you can do at that moment in your life. Art is a journey.

  • This is 'A Bump in the Night.' It was another redraw of a favorite, old pencil sketch. Our eldest son always dressed up as Batman when he was little, so he was the inspiration for this one, so it means a lot to me. I am going to enter this in the contest this month once I ink and paint it.

  • Finished version with digital paint.

  • This is called 'The Beaumont Bandit.' My sons high school mascot is a racoon and it is in need of a update. I drew this for fun and my son loves it. Our community is an old French Canadian town, so I thought it would be fun to throw in some old 'three Musketeer's' into it. I am very happy with it, I think I will ink it and send it off to the Principal to see what he thinks.

  • This one is called 'LOeuf.' He is an egg Voyageur character and I wrote a story for him on my blog on my website. I really like this character and I am thinking about using him again.

  • The Adventure of Flash Chicken! I love the old, cheesy science fiction from the past, so this is my take on Flash Gordon. Plus, who wouldn't want to fly on a giant waffle space ship? You can find the short story that goes with this on my website.

  • I drew this for my wife, as she requested a picture for her office. She loves owls, and she works for a large Canadian construction company, so I made her into a cartoon. She loves it, so now I have to paint it!

  • My completed painting for my Wife's office! She loves it, so now I have to print it, frame it and bring it to her work.

  • Completed illustration of my L'Oeuf (The Egg) Voyageur character. I drew him in ink several years ago and in Inktober as well, and finally painted him with Procreate.

  • Here's my Christmas illustration for 2017, a little late posting it, but better late than never!

  • Revisited this illustration over the Christmas break and put some more time into it and I'm much happier with the results!

  • Reworked this one as well. I have been reading Andrew Loomis' Creative Illustration, its an old book, but very informative and I picked up more than a few useful ideas from it.

  • Another updated illustration, I did some major reworking of the lighting and colour.

  • Rework of 'Ladybug Hustle.' Updating my previous years illustrations with what I have learned. I only started digital around this time last year, so it has been a bit of a learning process, but I am getting there (I hope)!

  • Another reworked illustratin for 'Baron Rookhaven.'

  • 'Anubis' rework.

  • I put a bunch more hours into 'A Bump in the Night,' polishing, cleaning up toning down and fixing a few wonky parts.

  • Repaint of "Snorkeling Seagull.'

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