Treehouse sketch

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    Not sure if I'll be able to finish and submit this, but here's a sketch that I might try. I want the treehouse to be wonky, and the kid to look kind of disappointed in his work. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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    @Kat Its looking good so far, it would be funny if the instructions where those of ikea lol

  • Hi, I like it 🙂 I understood the story, but I have one question. Here it is: do you also want your tree to look wonky? I wonder if the tree could be more straight. At this moment its bent to the right together with the wonky house.

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    Hmmm...maybe the wonky is contagious ha ha! Thanks for noticing that.

    @Chip-Valecek , oh that's very good! Might have to see if I can do that.

  • I like it.

  • @Kat I love the expression on the boy. 🙂 I am having trouble seeing the treehouse tree as a 3d object rather than something flat wrapped around the treehouse.

  • I feel like its a nice drawing and concept, but its a way better looking tree houes than what id assume a kid that age would do. If you think of the treehouses kids build, they are usually in a spot where you can naturally lay down some pieces of wood and then start nailing things around. Like a big tree, with two branches sprouting out at angles at the same height. It migh tbe even funnier, if there was a second friend who was nailing away with enthusiasm and then the other one was down at the bottom looking a bit worried.

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    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I think this one needs a lot of fixing. My vacation from the day job is over now, so no idea when I'll get this done, or even if I will. Maybe I need to back up a bit and not try something so complex yet.

    Thank you!

  • The angled board to the right of the ladder seems as if the bottom edge of the board should be showing. Also, group the tools and scrap wood together in fewer piles, but more in each, maybe 2 but no more than three groups. Right now, everything seems evenly spaced along the bottom. I like the idea of another kid in the scene, as suggested by @MirkaH, maybe one of them scratching their head in confusion. Do try to finish it. It has a lot of potential!

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