Stories on the wall

  • Hi everyone, I'm starting a new piece (vignette?) for which I love the concept and I don't want to mess up the execution
    Here's a recurring character of mine, a little girl called Mina, reading with her grand-father but the paintings on the wall tell as many stories as the book does (see side notes cause nothing's very clear yet)
    I would love to get your feedback on this composition. I know that centered and straight on is usually not the best choice, but I feel that this concept kind of requires it: as simple as possible, to make the stories in the paintings the main focus of the piece. what do you think?

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @audrey-dowling I think it works well. i know its just a sketch but the girl seems to be as big as the grandpa. Maybe she needs to be a little smaller?

  • I like it. Only thing I would explore more is the gesture of the grandpa.

  • First, I think the little girl should be sitting in the grandfather's lap, and then have her looking up at the photos/paintings while the grandfather points to something in the book. Figure out which 2 or 3 paintings are most important and make those the focal point the girl is looking at, like a collage, with the others supporting that. Not sure what you are trying to do with the photos, so hard to suggest beyond that.

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