Sept 3rd Thursday WIP

  • Here's mine so far. I spent a full day filling scattered pages with notes, and I must say, I feel so much more connected to this illustration than I usually do with my jump-in approach.

    The prompt brought up a strong memory I have from when I was 9. My family had moved from an apartment in Montgomery AL to a very rural part of northern Maine. It was summer. School hadn't started yet, and I didn't know anyone. So, I went wandering in the woods. Suddenly, the trees opened up onto a meadow full of berries and butterflies. It felt so magical. I'm hoping to capture some of that feeling here, except Charly will be discovering anthropomorphized woodland animals who are throwing him a welcome party.


    (Oh, and I wanted to challenge myself to do a map-style illustration like Jake's little red riding hood in the Children's Book class. It won't be my entry, but I wanted to share it anyway. The party is over. Charly is headed home, and the animals have turned back into ordinary animals.)


  • @Maile-McCarthy that sounds wonderful and brings me to memories when I was young and we spent every weekend on our mountain farm in Virginia! Wonderful time in my life creating new adventures daily. I can totally picture the magical meadow you will create, can't wait to experience it!!

  • that little bit of extra you can put into projects, is what makes us mature as an artist, well done.

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Hope I can pull it off! I'll update when I have more 🙂

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    How fun! Sounds amazing, and your map scene is excellent 😃

  • Love the way you approach this project. And the map you made is inspiring. Can't wait to see more!

  • @Maile-McCarthy I love the thumbnails, and the overview of the forrest. curious what you will come up with.

  • Here's a sketch with values roughed in. I would love any feedback on how I could improve this. Right now, it feels so "blah" to me. I'm wondering if I'd have done better fleshing out a different thumbnail, or else changing the gestures of the animals to be truer to the thumbnail...?

    I appreciate any suggestions or impressions. Thank you!


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    Love seeing the process! It really is the best way to get something that you really like.

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    Okay, just my opinion 🙂 Your depth seems off a bit. it is as if there is a huge gap between the animals, yet the bear is sitting right on top of the cake. Overall it is a wonderful image, your sense of movement is great! hehe, giraffes for the win 😃

  • Agreed. Dark value in the front and a lighter value in the rear should put things in line. Overall I like where you are going with this.

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    What a fun idea! You have some great gestures here. I agree, the bear seems really close to the cake. Also my brain is trying to make the foreground tree a background tree, since it is lighter and greyer than the background--atmospheric perspective. I think the values you have for the trees now might still work if you make it clear with the color saturation which is close and which are far.

  • @Lynn-Larson said:

    Okay, just my opinion 🙂 Your depth seems off a bit. it is as if there is a huge gap between the animals, yet the bear is sitting right on top of the cake. Overall it is a wonderful image, your sense of movement is great! hehe, giraffes for the win 😃

    Thanks. I'm totally seeing that now with the bear. I'll move him back and see how it feels.

  • @Rob-Smith @Sarah-LuAnn

    Ah, yes, thank you. I'll go rework the values and see if I get a clearer read. I think my brain was stuck on the idea that forests are dark (NO Brain! Forests are not automatically dark, just like snow is not automatically white, hehe).

  • Your animals are very lively. I feel like the animals could use a bit more space around them, maybe try to move the tree on the right a bit and I agree with Lynn on the bear being attached to the cake. Very fun image as always.

  • Great start, I like the idea and the happy feeling of the piece. I agree with the others that maybe try making the foreground tree darker and the forest lighter. Just a thought. I'm looking forward to seeing the final.

  • Here the latest-- updated with the value changes, plus I updated the sketch a ton.

    After reading @Lynn-Larson's 3rd Thurs post, I realized I had no idea what music my characters were dancing to! After thinking about it for a second, it became so obvious. After all, this scene is based on a memory of mine from the 80s. "I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can..."


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    Now that is awesome!!! Love love love it!

  • This is a lot better! love those animals and their swag/fashion haha! Great job I can't wait to see your full color.

  • Thanks for all your help so far.

    Here's an update. I'm really struggling with levels/color on this one. I'd appreciate any advice!


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