New (ish) piece.

  • I've always wanted to do something with multiple light sources and fireflies. This is somewhat along that vision. However, I really am stuck on the background part of the image and trying to figure out if another color might help push the foreground a bit more.


  • SVS OG

    @Eric-Castleman I like the dreaminess of the piece. And that banjo playing frog is great!

    I did a very quick paint over to give some food for thought.


    Basically, I treated the foreground as a comfy little cove that is lit by the fireflies. Since they are orange and are a light source, they are lighting everything within the cove according to their orangish glow. The foreground is darkened to contrast it with the moonlight/ambient light of the background where the crocodile/alligator is at (since there are fireflies, I'm assuming it is night or at least twilight), which is in the blue, purple, green hues.

    Maybe I darkened it more than is necessary or than you wanted and similarly I may have made it more orange than you wanted, but I wanted to push it far enough so that you can see it.

    I think that the composition could be pushed a little further in an angular & offset way. It might enhance the looming danger if the eye-line from the frog to the crocodile/alligator is more angled and if the foreground-midground-background foliage are a little more jagged/offset from one another (though, that could become distracting if done too much). Also, If this is meant to be a 2-page spread, the 2 main characters are riding pretty close to the seam down the center.

    Hopefully this helps give you some thoughts! Love what you are doing already!

  • @QuietYell love your take on it. It definitely highlighted some areas to add more light. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it!

  • SVS OG

    @Eric-Castleman Sure! Glad to throw some thoughts into the mix! Look forward to seeing what you do!

  • @Eric-Castleman Hi, If you want to listen to the opinion of newbie, then these are my comments 🙂

    1. its a very nice idea 🙂 I like your subtle bluish version of colours
    2. in my eyes, middle and background join together too much, as values are very similar, so you might want to darken the middle more
    3. i find it disturbing that one of the water sticks (water grass or whatever you call it, sorry for my English;-) is touching the crocodile
    4. I agree with @QuietYell that crocodile could be turned more into direction of the frog
    5. perhaps you could make the frog bigger and see how it looks? Its not easily noticeable

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  • How nice! I am working on a 'firefly' piece aswel. Its hard putting in the right colors because night time is deceiving. The 'croc?' in the background is attracting much attention, perhaps tone him down a bit? Scott certainly has given it a push, perhaps you can use his suggestions? Good luck!

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