September third Thursdays process

  • So the concept for these are the three little pigs go hunting and are causing a ruckus attracting the attention of the wolf who sees their hunting gear.

    Trying different approaches:

    On the first one I was playing with multiple spot illustrations showing the key points.

    The second is more conservative just playing with leading lines using the notes.

    On the third I was playing with simultaneous narration.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg

  • Thats a lot of work, I your roughs, we can see your working process. Thats a good way to problem solve, sorting things out now rather than later. good going.

  • three pigs go hunting.jpg

    Decided to switch the layout to a long format. I want to have the reader start with the reader seeing the wolf hearing the music and running into the dark forest. Followed by Charly behind the tree spotting the three pigs in their camp site with their monster truck illuminating them.

    Any critique would be helpful, thanks.

  • @Samuel-Nunez This is so great! I love the way the swoosh of the musical notes leads my eye around the image. The worried look on his face, and the placement of his hand on the tree read really well to me. The values are working well, and the turn-around of your concept is great. Go pigs!

    Charly is the wolf? Am I getting that right? At first, I thought Charly was running up and seeing this crazy scene with the wolf and pigs. Then I reread what you said about simultaneous narration. I'm still feeling a bit confused. If the wolf running up is the same character as the wolf behind the tree, could you give him some prop or clothing that would make that more clear?

    Also, I can see you've got the wolf pulled back from the gutter, but you may want to move him even further, since he's so important to the piece.

    All in all, very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the next steps.

  • third thursdays.jpg

    Here's the tight sketch, added a scarf to the wolf following the confusion mention by Malie.

    Any improvements you all would make?

  • I would move the wolf in a little and crop the image more on the right side, I think it will make a better composition.

  • I agree with Steve. Or at least add some weight to the left side with another character, or bushes maybe? Love your idea and style overall though. Keep it up!

  • @Christina-Taylor-Brown @Steve-Young


    Here's the changes I made the wolf larger instead of moving him closer to the center because of the gutter, I should of put that in the previous post. Also added foliage to create some visual noise to fill in the area.

  • @Samuel-Nunez Much better! Only thing i'd fix now are where the piggy's legs are touching the edge of the paper. Great stuff! I'm excited to see more!

  • Ooops! Never mind! My computer just didn't load the page all the way.

  • Whahaha Charly scarrrrrrryyyyyyyyy! Rocking pigs! love it! They only need some tattoo's now.

  • Nice work! I look forward to seeing the finished result!

  • Still have to add alot of fine detail but its about 80% done.
    third thursdays color.jpg

  • This is funny, I think you now need to define your forms more, separating them from the background more.

  • SVS OG

    Firstly this is very good! You look like you really know what you are doing with color and light - great job! i think for me that the composition is not reading the way it is intended - i look at it and wonder... is this the same animal...he has a similar scarf on... not sure though - i am guessing you do not want to use a convention such as a recognizable border around the first wolf ...such as you might use in a graphic novel or comic book - i think the main thing that makes the two wolves look like they are in the same environment is the overlap of the wolf closest to us with the vignette in the upper left - maybe if there was less overlap it wold read more quickly..or if the left hand wolf had his hand up to his ear like he was following the sound and you had musical notes flowing from the pigs past the right hand wolf and receding to the left wolf......actually that wouldn't help it read better at all would it?.....i still think i would try making a border you can live with around the lefthand wolf to give an instant read of time passing...mostly though it really looks great!

  • Hah, great idea 😃
    I have some ideas that could make it better:

    1. One thing that is bothering me is the wolf on the left. He is creating a second focal point and that is a no-no. I would just get rid of him, as he is not helping the image in any way as I see it. Also the scarf looks like a third hand.
    2. I dont understand the bear trap. Is the dog worried that the pigs will step on it? Are the pigs going somewhere or just rocking hard? Are they actually trying to catch something by partying hard?
    3. left pig is awesome, but it makes the other two pigs look uninteresting. I would try to do some better gestures for the other two piggies.

    edit: I have just looked at the history and now I know the piggies are setting up the camp, hence the bear trap. Yeah, I did not see that in the image.

  • SVS OG

    I see now where i got the musical note idea! ha! .. i scrolled to the end of this thread and must have seen them without consciously knowing while the first drawings were whizzing by...anyways ..looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  • @Steve-Young @Kevin-Longueil @Jiří-Kůs

    Thanks for the input, I couldn't get to making all the changes because of work and interviews and since I don't think I'll have much time to make the changes before Thursday, this will be my submission. I'll continue to work on it though taking your comments into consideration.


  • @Samuel-Nunez Seeing the page split made all the difference! Still would have liked to see some highlights/details in the trees (especially the big one spanning across the two pages above) but that's ok! Nice job!

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