3rd Thursday Sept WIP

  • Getting in super early this time as i kind of ran out of time last month.

    I really took the priorities of image making to heart from the last August's video critiques and am going to use that as a template when approaching this month's entry.

    1. Concept
    2. Composition
    3. Design
    4. Rendering.

    Stage 1 - Concepting.
    (I've blanked all but my favourite idea here) Any crits/comments would be welcome as it's feeling like a massive thing now. Maybe bitten off more than i can comfortably scarf down!


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    I have a page like this in my sketchbook! I'm struggling, because my initial idea has been used beautifully already, so i'm looking for a new approach. I just got missed last month hehe. Looks like you have some cool concepts perking 😃

  • Very nice concept study! It's hard to not running into some similar ideas since every element is mentioned so clearly in the text. But I believe everyone will handle this scene final differently, and it will be exciting to see them all. I'm kind of excited.

  • You really worked hard on the concept haha. Awesome way to get all these ideas out of your head. The concept looks very interesting.

  • OK, so i fluffed it a little! When i started looking at the composition phase i saw how i was missing some key componants. Like, what i wanted the image to say, how it should feel or anything that'll make it read better.

    I made this second sheet to further pin down some of what i want. I'm hoping it will make composition doable by using absract shapes to represent focal points.

    This is all new terrtory for me as, barring a value study, i usually just go at it. I'll apologise now if it gets a little airy fairy xD


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    I like it! The important part is you understand it. I know what you mean about new territory! I always jump straight in, even doing color swatches after i start lol. Creating entire images is new to me. I'm pretty much a copier, or i was a copier 🙂 I'm really excited to see where this goes, I love your line of thinking! I really like the flow of your thumbnail in the first pic

  • @Lynn-Larson - I'm very happy that i'm not alone in starting with a list and not a thumbnail! Good luck with your wordings!

    @Naroth Cow - I felt really limited by who woul be dancing in the forest and and i think my mind rebelled xD it's fantastic to see so many different approaches to the same prompt and probably the same ideas too!

    @Melopi - Thanks for kind words 🙂

  • I love that your showing your whole process.

  • Love how you carefully thought out the elements of the illustration you'll be incorporating especially what animals to include. Good luck on your piece! Can't wait to see it!

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    Super cool concept! I'm excited to see where you go with this.

  • @AndrewCothill This is great! I love how you used color in your notes-- think I'm going to have to copy that. Totally creates a mood that's missing from my pen and paper concept sheets.

  • @Steve-Young - Thank you! TBH though, i'm trying this out to this degree for the first time so i have to apologise if it doesn't work out. I'm happiest when designing but getting that into an image which doesn't look like a smashed bag of custard is..well, let's just say i have soooooooo much respect for anyone who can illustrate!

    @mikeamante - Thanks so much - the an imals seemed logical but i'm wetting my pants about drawing them all. My creative side is currently saying: "whu... you want me to what?? All of them???"

    @Sarah-LuAnn - Thanks very much for saying so. I'm really hoping not to disappoint as it looks like a buildup of David Blane sitting in a box proportions xD

    @Maile-McCarthy - I draw with my tongue out the corner of my mouth sometimes when i'm really into it and honestly, it feels like being a kid at this stage!

  • Here's my next section workouts for number 2. Composition. In three parts....with other bits in too... erm.. yes.

    Please excuse if they don't make sense, i'm really just trying to work stuff out as i go and i'm posting it up so anyone can jump in if they see me about to come a cropper on something! I put in little bits about design and colour lovelies that i was thinking about at the time more as a mental note and that they exist somewhere outside of my head.




  • Thats is an inspiring amount of work your doing, but don't try and over think everything, try a little instinct. You could loose some spontaneity and freshness if you stick to too many rules.

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    Beautiful process. Thanks for sharing it! : )

    I do agree with Steve here. Go ahead and dive into some thumbnails, THEN start messing with all this stuff. This process work should be used to revise your work in the process. Ultimately the best way of working (in my 10 years of teaching at the college level) is just dive into the thumbnails making as many as you can and really just playing around. Then take a break, go running or surfing or whatever, and then come back and take a look at what you have. Find a few that really hit the concept and feel, then start dialing it in with shape language and balance and detail, etc.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with! : )

  • @Steve-Young @Lee-White

    Hey guys! Thanks for the responses 🙂 I'll just boil down why i was approaching the image in this manner. Every other time of making an image i've let things slip on a load of levels (composition, thinking the image through, colour, lighting etc) and always kicked myself. THis time i wanted to see if anything changed by covering everything i could think of in the buildup.

    The awkward part of it is though that i've really ony just seen one image in my head as soon as this started and all of these stages seem to be actually trying to justify that image as opposed to experimenting with new ones.

    I think you're both right in opening up to intuition creativity and breaking away from the theory for a bit. I'm diving into thumbnails in a bid to have it away from the the construction side. I don't want you to think i'm defnding something that isn't working out of pride or unwillingness to change, i totally dont' mind letting go of any ideas that don't work. So please, don't stop the crits.. i will get better and become an illustrator (....Holding sword aloft..."one day", 1000yard stare)

    Right, with that... epic questline established - here's today's thumbs:


  • This post is deleted!

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    The thumbs are great! Love the bottom left one...so much movement!

  • Nice Tumbnails. curious about the sketches and the final result.

  • I went through several mental breakdowns whilst doing this and it was all along the lines of "why the flip can't i flipping well flipping simplify any-flippin-thing!?!" my need to overcomplicate and backstory every little detail is REALLY holding me back.

    I was having my normal rant/whinge about this to my ever patient wife and it became suddenly a lot clearer; If i had to hand this in in, like 3 hours, what would i get together? It became apparent at my desperate need to understand how to simplify could be bypassed simply by giving myself LESS TIME to complicate the thing in the first place!

    Also, i found that thumbnailing in COLOUR (I speak for me here, i'm not sure how wise this is) forced me to see in shapes and i couldn't super detail whilst laying it down. when doing values, i have a tendencay to draw and that just get's crazy details then. Check THIS out for an example of that.

    Anyway, now i'm looking at how to frame the image and get Charly in there too without knackering up the blance! Thanks so much for the kind words crits through this! Honest, it's fantastic!

    OK, here's where i'm at at the moment;

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