Tablets - what software do you use?

  • For the artists here using Cintiq, Yiynova, Surface, any computer based tablet (as opposed to iPad), what software do you use?

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    I like both Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro. You can do sooooooo much in PS, but i don't like that you have to have a subscription for it. Sketchbook Pro is catching up with it though, and you can pick up older versions for a song lol.

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    Maybe you could try ClipStudioPaint. It is as powerful as PS - even more, as it has embedded a library of 3D reference objects, a perspective grid creator and symmetry rulers (PS has the first thanks to a plugin by PixelSqud, but definitely lacks the last two). The interface takes some getting used to, but the brush engine is really good. I have never used it for painting though, only for drawing. It is so widespread now that you can find a lot of tutorials in English (it is a Japanese software, designed for Manga artists). And when I bought it, it was on offer for 25 USD...
    I don't use it much because I am too used to PS, but it looks like a really nice software.

  • ClipStudioPaint is what I use with my Intuos, and it is awesome. I do use it for painting (there are brushes for blending color, glazing, and texture, so you can do plenty with them), but the sketching and inking brushes are where it really shines. I have used Photoshop in the past (it has many of the exact same tools and shortcuts), but it is hard for me to justify the extra expense when I prefer ClipStudioPaint. 😛

    All the layer blending modes Photoshop has (Multiply, etc) are present in CSP. It even has vector layers (which are NOT exportable as .EPS files), but I don't use them a whole lot.

    There are way more painting brushes available to purchase for Photoshop, though, so I get why people would chose to use it as well. I have bought a few brushes for CSP, but there isn't nearly the variety. Hopefully this will change as CSP gets more popular. (Of course, you can always make your own.)

    CSP is the BEST for making comics/manga. So if that's an interest at all, it's worth buying just for the speech bubble and panel layout features. When I first used them I was laughing at myself because I was so impressed by them. 😛 They really are that convenient.

  • I've been using sketchbook pro, photoshop, and Affinity Designer/Photo with an Intuos Pro. I am getting close to make the switch from Adobe to Affinity software as I can't really justify the Adobe subscription at the moment for myself (I still have access to CS5.5 at work which helps). Affinity seem to be making some great progress with alternatives to Photoshop and Illustrator and I believe they will be releasing a beta for an InDesign alternative in the not too distant future. Definitely worth checking out...

  • I always use clip paint studio now for painting,really nice brushes.,I think photoshop is really awkward for painting and I am going to stop my subscription soon. Sketchbook pro is really nice and easy to use, I also really like painter 17 brushes. I just bought REbelle but have not used it yet,you may guess I love trying different software

  • I use photoshop A LOT - but only because I am very familiar with it from graphic design. I know there are better programs for digital illustration.

    Corel Painter is a great product but is probably more focused on mimicking true-to-life effects and as such makes the files sort of large. Pretty though. and a couple hundred bucks.

    Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio) is pretty cool for a lot of illustration styles but really excels with respect to heavier line work (like comics). There are some neat vector illustration features as well. The documentation is all a little hard to read as it has been translated from ... I think Japanese? It's only about 60 bucks (i think).

    These are the two alternatives that I have had experience with.

    Good luck on your hunt.

  • Hi if you buy a really old cheap version of Corel painter on Amazon you can get upgrade offers for about $50 a few times a year and free brushes bonuses.I would never pay $400 for painter just keep an eye out for bargains.

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