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    Hi everyone

    I ran out of Will Terry videos to listen to, so today I listened to a Chiustream video while painting:


    It was really interesting and I recommend it. Nathan Fowkes was the main guest...worth listening to in full but these were the main things I remember learning:

    1. Nathan Fowkes is pretty competitive and very dedicated. He sets up something to draw last thing at night, and then does that study first thing in the morning, even before he has a shower.
    2. Nathan does a small loose colour study, in a layer above his digital painting, and refers to it to check that he's not drifting away from the mood that he wants. Sometimes, if there's a lovely loose paintstroke that he wants to keep, he layer masks it onto the final painting.
    3. He thinks that doing digital has made him a better traditional painter, and vice versa - each one has taught him new things about the other.
    4. Several nuggets about the importance of story, storytelling and engaging your audience emotionally.
    5. Nathan sometimes has trouble seeing his pieces afresh after a long time painting - whether they are bright enough, or too dark, etc. So he also keeps a folder of about 20 pieces of art that he really admires, which have good colour balance/contrast/value etc. When he finishes one of his own pieces, he drags it into that folder, then looks at his own piece alongside the ones he loves. If it doesn't look as bright and punchy alongside those ones, he goes back and makes changes.

    Just thought I'd share in case it's of interest 🙂

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    great tips Dulcie, thank you for sharing!

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    @Dulcie Nathan Fowkes is one of my favorite Schoolism teachers! This interview has such great little bits of information too like the process he uses to tackle difficult color schemes - love the story of his portfolio review too 🙂

  • I really dig your summary of the video @Dulcie ! Thanks for sharing.

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