I keep trying to add downloads of my pictures and my post disappears! Asking about my book layout.

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    I just redrew all my smaller comps and enlarged them...now I need to redo them again, I can see that already 🙂 I only have one spread at the time on the first and second page. I was going to make these spreads but ended up making them smaller...now I'm rethinking it. I either need to change the first and second page so that all the pages have text on the left and the main illustration on the right..I think. I kind of like the first and second page-Uncle Carl is milking a cow, but, should a book only have one spread and especially at teh beginning? Most of the text pages are blank or have a small "spot-like" illustration. I'm taking a break from working on it for the next day or so but I keep lookign at it and I think some feedback might be nice!

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    Still can't get them on here for some reason. I give up. I guess I'll just figure it out myself or post on facebook. I also couldn't seem to delete this post tonight so...sorry if you're reading this......

  • When I first tried to add images on the forums it says too large or error. I just changed the size on photoshop to around 72dpi and 1000 pixels wide. It's small enough to see on the forums and no one steals anything worth stealing. Not that anyone here is bad, just always good to protect artwork.

  • File size has to be tiny for it to accept it on the forum, so that is probably the main issue.

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    @Ben-Migliore I don't do photoshop at all. I take pictures with my cell phone. Solely a tradtional artist at this point 🙂 But, sometimes they post and sometimes they don't. It might just have been a bad day for my computer too. Thanks for the sizes though.

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