Sketches for September

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    @Carey-Bowden I think it will work well, the bears will be more yellow close to the fire, and Charly will be more purple in the shadows 😃

  • I think its getting better.

  • Looking good Carey!

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    Nice going! painting with the mouse is a real indication of determination 😉

  • Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long, this week has been full of applications and interviews.

    @Lynn-Larson - Thank you, I needed the confirmation. Still a rookie with color!
    @Steve-Young - Thanks! "Getting better" is my goal each time!
    @Will-Terry - Thank you! If it looks good, your teaching is to blame. 🙂
    @Sarah-LuAnn - Thank you! But determination might lean towards crazy when the mouse is the touchpad kind... 🙂

    Alright, here's what I've been working on:

    bears paint thumbnail for web small.jpg Watercolor thumbnail...

    Bears Steps.jpg A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

    Bears Painted 2 small.jpg
    Here it is so far, I couldn't scan it while it was taped to my board, so I had to use my ancient digital camera... which dulls colors... I know every artist says the original is better, so I won't say it.


    Anyway, I thought the fire looked kind of muddy, so I plan on touching it up digitally
    Bears Painted fire bright small.jpg (Quick fix sample)

    Next I plan on darkening the brown on the bears, finishing up Charly, and adding some yellow to various lightened areas. I will go over the streaky-blotchy foreground again, as well.

    I learned a lot from this, and any advice with watercolor painting is very much appreciated (as well as all other advice, haha) I am working on Strathmore, 130lb, cold-press, using Windsor-Newton paints. I've taken watercolor classes, but none were geared toward illustration. I should probably take Lee White's class next... 🙂

  • You have a good way of planning your image, which is going to help your art by leaps and bounds. Just a minor thing, remembered the bushes and tree in the foreground, a well as the main character will be the darkest things within your image. Also try to have some darkness in the background to frame your picture. keep it up.

  • @Steve-Young Thanks for your feedback! Here's what I worked on this morning:

    Bears 3.JPG

    I'm struggling with where the bear in the middle-back's foot is touching the fire... the two blend together too much. I tried saturating the ground around the fire, but the fire is just not "sticking out" -- any tips?

  • You might give the fire a more reddish-orange color thereby darkening it up a bit. Maybe at least in the upper parts of the flames, where they are overlaying with the foot.

  • Hi Carey :)! I'm really liking your illustration. The bears are really cute and you did a wonderful job on the composition! I wish you the best of luck with your piece in the contest 🙂

    The problem you mention with the foot and fire - as a whole to me it looks pretty good and it doesn't bother me. :)) But I understand how frustrating it can be. I always struggle the same way, so here are my suggestions:
    What I would try (and I'm not sure if it will work) is selecting the fire and moving it a little to the left, maybe flipping it to the other side. Right now it's like this shape ), if you turn it like this ( maybe it will leave up enough room for the foot to show? Then again you might not want to change it that much digitally. If that is the case I would suggest adding another thin layer of brownish tone to the bears and maybe the ground (maybe try desaturating them also, just to see if it helps with the contrast). That would make the fire appear brighter and also separate the two.

    Best Regards,

  • @Jana - Thanks! I have a couple samples here, I adjusted the fire digitally to see how it would look, for some reason, my mind is stuck on having a yellow fire... (why? It doesn't matter!)
    @Madlenn - Thank you!! Yeah, you're right, I didn't want to do a ton of digital tweaking. But I did paint the ground darker to try and make that fire show a bit more 🙂

    I think this is the one I'm going to submit, but for my portfolio, I'll have more time to tweak it.
    Bears Final to share.jpg

    Brighter fire option:
    Bears Final to share fire bright.jpg

    Orange-y fire option:
    Bears Final to share fire red.jpg

    I'm done with this piece 🙂 I'm so grateful for everyone's help, and I'm so glad these contests exist -- I learn so much! It gets pretty late for me, but hopefully I'll be there for the live critique!

  • Nice going! good luck!

  • This turned out wonderfully and well done on all the work you put in! Good luck for tomorrow 🙂

  • Thank you, @AndrewCothill! Good luck to you as well -- your piece turned out splendid, you really put in a lot of work, there's so many great artists here to learn from!

  • SVS OG

    So fun to see all of the process and progress you made leading up to your final art piece! Great job @Carey-Bowden!

  • @Rich-Green Thank you! This is such a great forum 🙂

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