Final Illustrations

  • So recently I made a project for art class. I used my markers, pens and color pencils, but noticed a problem. My markers kept running out of ink and I had to constantly refill. It was the markers I used the most, but still wasn't my favorite experience running out of ink. I use 11x14 100lb paper.

    **What are your thoughts on this? How do you go about final illustrations in traditional media? How do you go about final illustrations in general? **

    Note: keeping it traditional media is key because I have two totally different styles with traditional and digital. I'll try and share the project sometime soon

  • I paint, so it is much easier in that regard. However, I do use fiber castel polychromos which I spent $200 on, and I see how fast those things are trying to vanish on me. Sharpening them is worst feeling.

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