My Draw 50 things - x3

  • I can't see anything! Also, no links as far as I can see.. Maybe try again?

  • @Embla argh. I'll try!

  • Oh, wait! The link is there, it's just invisible. But if I hover the pointer over the space between the text, it turns into a hand! I'm looking at them now!

  • @Embla ah Ha! I made them smaller and it worked 😃

  • Yeah! There they are!
    These are great! I can clearly see all the details in all of them, which is really nice. I love the pirate ship especially! That one has really nice composition. Actually, they all do, but the pirate ship is my favorite. Love the children in the cages, and how the pirates and monsters looks dangerous but not too scary. Perfect for a children's story.
    I think that for the story-telling picture, the corners could be a little darker. It's really obvious that the light is coming in from the window, and the light-spot on the floor helps with that. It looks really nice, I just think it would give it a cozier look if the light part was more concentrated, if that makes sense?
    And for the planet/alien-picture, it's awesome. Those elk-things are adorable! And I think it looks great with all the circles. Smart move to put that extra planet in on the left, it gives it some sort of balance. My only comment is that the helmet makes it look a little as if the person is in a separate picture. Like a thought/speech bubble or something, rather than a helmet. I think if you tried drawing in the background there as well, just a little lighter and blurrier, it would be more clear that it's glass, and he's actually in the same scene.
    Other than that, I think these are fantastic.
    This is of course just my own thoughts. I'm not a professional anything, so don't trust me unless you agree!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of this stuff!

  • @Embla Oh thank you!

    Yes totally agree with the corners darker tip. Would make it a lot more cozier.

    and yeah I actually thought about putting blurry things inside the helmet, but I didn't know how to go about it! haha.
    Have to learn I suppose.

    Thanks again!

  • @Sliproot hmm.. Maybe it could work to paint in the background, but skip the outlining? Or maybe have just a little bit of outlining, but leave the edges, and an oval spot or two blank. At least that's what I would do, but I don't want to come here and dictate how you make your pictures.

    What medium do you use? Is it watercolor and ink?

  • @Embla Yes it's watercolour and ink.

    Yeah next time I'm in that situation I'll play around with it and figure it out.
    I think brushing the glass's colour through objects in the background might work, with little or no outlines like you said.
    and putting in a big highlight that goes through the background maybe.

  • I really like your style. I think it is quite unique.

  • @Eric-Castleman Thank you! I'm really hoping publishers like it too.

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