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  • Hi there! I'm a recent art school graduate really struggling to find work. I would really appreciate feedback, or advise on my portfolio. I have applied to many local companies for many different positions and have had no luck. Now I'm considering doing freelance, but I have no idea how to get that first client. I would GREATLY appreciate some guidance in this.

    Here's my website: Kassidy's Portfolio

    0_1489677650109_carnegie_0816.jpg 0_1489677657548_centaur_character_design.jpg 0_1489677662966_kdaussin_fatmermaid_2.jpg 0_1489677684644_witch in the snow.jpg

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    Hi there! I also am a recent art school graduate (let's omit the whole life that went before that) and finding freelance work is not easy for me either, though I have the benefit of a day job to keep me afloat.
    So I am not in the position to give any advice, but I will do it nonetheless 😉
    Looking at your portfolio I would struggle to define what type of work you do. Is it editorial? Is it children's? Is it greeting cards? While several pieces in itself are nice, overall they do not present a clear picture of what type of market you want to work in. I believe you should choose a target market and then fill up your portfolio with that type of work. I started this process about 9 months ago, focussing on children's book and slowly cleaning up my portfolio of anything else. Only now I probably have enough pieces to start approaching that market. So far I have illustrated one book (educational) and I am working on my own dummies while waiting for the next one....

  • @smceccarelli Thank you so much for your feedback! Very helpful even if we are in the same boat. I guess choosing a target is something I have to figure out. I graduated with a degree in animation cause I am very interested in working in that field but I found I enjoyed the concept art, world building and illustration part of it more than animating. But living in the middle of the midwest, it's hard to find locals looking for that. So recently I've been considering Children's Books as an option. Got a lot of thinking to do i guess...

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