Video idea for Jake Parker or Will Terry

  • I love Jake Parker's and Will Terry's YouTube videos. They have helped me so much in perusing art. I have a video idea

    What dose it mean to show a story in art
    how dose an artist show a story? What dose it mean personaly to include a story or message through illustration? Should artists create stories? How can artists change people with illustrations?

    This is more on the philosophy side than general advice, but why not just throw the ideas out there.

    For SVS community please reply with your thoughts.

  • @Ben-Migliore @Lee-White already has a course in SVS that tackles this idea and it is very useful.

    As for your question, "how can artists change people with illustrations?", this is a tough one and (as you said) super philosophical. I think every piece of art changes someone, somehow - but consciously enacting change is super-intentional and morals-based. The danger of this approach is becoming pedantic and overly didactic at the expense of the overall enjoyment of the story.

    Very good questions for someone so young. You have a better start, now than I did at your age.

  • @Bob-Crum Thank you! I'll go check it out.

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