Illustration Series and Challenges

  • I'm Ben Migliore -

    I love the creative process and the beauty of Illustrations. One of the ideas I love is the idea of multiple Illustrations coming together with the same story or universe.

    I've done a series project like this called Space Age. It's multiple Illustrations based in the same universe to show my grand designs of a grand future. I'm doing another for spot illustrations called SpaceCraft 52 where I do one spaceship every week.

    The point of this discussion is to hear about other artists' ideas and stories that take multiple illustrations to explore their universe. Artists can give advice to about anything. This could also bring up some interesting thought experiments when discussing a new world artists' created. The project could be concept art, spot illustrations, or full illustrations.

    This is a challenge I think is very fun and creative, as well as very challenging. Here are what I think are great guidelines

    • Create a world- whether it's based on an entire universe, planet, island, or even a single building. Show your ideas of a world to explore.

    • Story- this can blend into "create your world" but making a story to how the world became this way could bring in great depth to your series. if the world rose from an apocalypse then show destroyed buildings from long ago.

    • Show the information- One of the great things about this project is the ability to explore a new place no one's ever seen. Show enough info to allow the viewer to explore into your story. My last point is important to make this work.

    • Concept art- What jobs do people have? How do your people get materials to build? make concept art to show this.

    • Your locations- Before hand finds out where you want to be in order to show your world. For spot illustrations, this may not come in.

    • What symbols or objects chain the illustrations together? - For Space Age it's a company I invented called Star Lines. Its logo is a purple star. What objects or symbols will have your world come together? These are characters, objects, symbols, etc.

    Finally, for inspiration look at other artists who've has done this. A great example is Jake Parker's concept art for Sky Heart. For me, I like to just go walk around places I have not been before to see what it feels like to explore someplace new. I get ideas and write in my sketchbook.

    I'm excited to see what other artists have to offer with their ideas and stories. Of course my guide lines aren't law so feel free to completely ignore them.

    "Never stop creating!" --Ben Migliore