Enrolling now: Illustration 1: Turbocharging your creativity!

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    @Nazuba we are planning the classes to exist sequentially, so you will probably need to take Illustration 1 first. There are so many ideas and processes that we go through for image development that taking Illustration 2 first would leave you a bit confused and/or under prepared.

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    I am torn on this...I'm sure Illustration 1 is as useful as Rich and Lynn say it is, and I'd really like to nail my finish as described in Illustration 2.....but I was holding out for the watercolour class (hopefully) coming later. And I have big deadlines/busy month coming up. So I'll probably have to skip this one, but I definitely want to sign up for one or two of these classes this year.

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    @Dulcie and all - there is a real positive energy that David and Lee provide not only in the lessons that are taught each week, but also to the critiques they provide on each of the assignments. You can see/feel their excitement for the work that everyone is submitting and that just encourages all of us to push harder to bring more clever and creative ideas to our illustrations.

    You know when you can tell that someone really loves what they are doing, well that is exactly the vibe you get from both David and Lee about teaching this course, which just makes it such a pleasure to be a part of. I could not be happier about my decision to take this course and I am really looking forward to Illustration 2!

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    @Rich-Green I absolutely agree!!!!

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    @Rich-Green I got that positive vibe from you and Lynn also - energetic, enthused, you're not just saying it - you really do think it's a great course! I would really like to be a part of that...I have budget for one, hopefully two of these classes this year and I really want to make it count...I don't want to sign up if I can't give it 100% 😞 ...I'd be better off letting somebody else have the place..but I'm definitely watching this space to see what's coming (and still tempted).

  • @Lee-White I know I'm biased but I keep hearing great things about your classes Lee! I might have to check myself into one! 🙂

  • Oh gee, I decided to take the leap. I hope that I can handle it while I'm in my credentialing program. Aaahha, I must be a little insane.

  • Hi I just signed up. Really looking forward too it. It is going to be great to get some more feedback on my work.

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    @will-terry-art Darn I would have liked to be in that class 🙂 but just finishing is up now. I am going to miss it when it's over.

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    I'd like to thank my current students for their kind words and FANTASTIC work! Look forward to seeing the new students in there soon. : )

  • I have signed up as well. I can't wait!

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    Oooh, you guys are going to have so much fun! This class has been amazing! It has really helped me think through the process and come up with new and original ideas, I'm so sad it's almost over. I can't wait for Illustration 2 hehe. If you are even considering taking the class, DO IT!! You will not regret it at all 😃

  • Lee or anyone is who is currently in the class,

    What are some things I should do to prepare for the classes starting April 11th?
    Any subscription courses that might be beneficial to review?
    What about helpful art supplies?

    I feel like a kid who wants to lay out my backpack and clothes before my first big day of kindergarten.

  • @Lee-White would have loved to have been apart of this
    So excited about all this learning!
    Hopefully I can catch the next go round!

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    @Spencer-Hale Get some decent paper, I used the Hammermil copy paper Jake talks about in the inking class - 25 lb was all i could find, but it works well enough. I get a lot of bleed through it, so just use a piece of cardstock under it.

    I also got a pack of Prismacolor gray markers. They are cheaper than Copics, and worked great for me. That is just a suggestion, you only need 3 gray a black and a white.

    The rest is just using what you already use to create. I think you should do just fine! Good luck and i hope you have as much fun as we are!!

  • Thanks @Lynn-Larson

  • This class is incredible. Seriously. I have an art degree and learned more in this course than in four years of undergrad level instruction. Take it if you can, you will absolutely not regret it.

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    @Spencer-Hale I agree with everything Lynn said, I just used printer paper myself which worked fine for me. We did a lot of toning in the class I used prismacolor markers different percent's 20% 50% 70% etc., YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT-IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. I am so so sad it is almost over!

  • I agree with @Rich-Green, @kimchizerbe, @Lynn-Larson, and @lmrush. This class is amazing. It focuses less on how to draw (which is very important and SVS has a ton of amazing classes that teach this) and focuses more on how to create what to draw...which is where I always got (notice the past tense) stuck. @Spencer-Hale - I started with gray markers and discovered I was lousy at them. So I ended up just using pencil on copy paper and digital. The first few assignments really allowed me to explore different methods so I could find the one that worked for me. And now I have some gray markers for my kids to use ;).****

  • YUSS! ENROLLED! anything I need to do before the class starts?

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