50 Things Challenge

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    @smceccarelli My feeling is that you are Very good with color - i remember the first piece of yours that i saw and thinking "wow - this person really knows their stuff" - i believe it was the girl with the home-made time machine with the room full of dinosaurs (great piece!) - if i had drawn anything close to this awesome i would be afraid of ruining it somehow with my lack of color knowledge and experience - but since it is your awesome drawing i am excited to see how you will paint it........and secretly hope that you do another youtube video of your process 🙂

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    @smceccarelli I'm for color, myself 🙂

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    Oooh well, this is sort of tricky to answer - you are undoubtedly very good with colour, but this piece is already so full and real with just the linework and pencil texture...I think you have to be careful not to repaint over it so much that you cover too much of all the lovely line that you've done already (I'm sure you will also colour below the line, of course..and I know you could change the colour instead of painting on top)

    So I would go with colour, but minimal enough to let the linework and texture sing. I wonder if you have seen the work of Corey Godbey, (http://corygodbey.com) he might be a good inspiration here on how to treat it...I was directed to look at his work by Will Terry during the Fall Critique last year - so I did, I looked at his works and even downloaded his paid-for video tutorial about his process (which was informative and interesting)...his art is also line-dominated, but it still has an ethereal quality and very good colour choices and delineation of foreground/background with value. They are often vintage/timeless looking but still colourful. Some pieces:





    Hope this doesn't come across like I'm spamming your thread with pics, hope it's helpful in some way!

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    After the #kidlitart chat on twitter last night, I've been thinking about black and white illustrations a lot today! When working digitally it's easy enough to keep the black and white version, you can go back to that if you like it better. I say try color and see how it goes!

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    Great comments and great advice throughout! @Dulcie , this is exactly what I was looking for, and I love that controlled treatment of color - reminds of Arthur Rackam but more modern. Justin Gerard does something similar too. That is what I am going to try to do. I was feeling the same about the pencil - there is already too much going on and color needs to give way a bit.
    I will be traveling for the next two weeks - not sure I will manage to transfer this to the iPad (I tried a couple of times to keep full layers from PS to ProCreate, but I always get error messages...) - so may have to wait a little....

  • How long did it take you to put together the first image you posted?

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    @Eric-Castleman It is difficult for me to count together time used for an image - I use lots of scrap time for planning. I did some thumbnails on the plane to NY - probably for about one hour. From thumbnails to first pass and character design it was around 3 hours. Final line took two "short studio sessions" (I have two long ones of 10 hours and five or six short ones of about 2-3 hours during a normal week). So about 10 hours in total for the final line?

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    @smceccarelli I believe you can transfer psd files from procreate to photo shop but not the other way around. Fantastic work!

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    Love it!

  • @smceccarelli This is looking great! It's exactly what I had in mind and so far the best example of how to do this assignment from someone at SVS! I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows I just launched the critiques for #draw50things class here at SVS. Doesn't look like you need it though 🙂 - Will

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    @admin Thank you Will! Your feedback means the world to me - very much appreciate your words! I did not have time to get to color yet, but definitely plan to finish this. And let me say that without your video I would not have tackled something like this nor would I have thought that it can be done so "easily" - it was invaluable guidance!

  • @smceccarelli Wow! That's fantastic. Can't wait to see what you do next. 🙂

  • It looks fantastic, if it was a computer game environment I'd have to look at everything in this room and try to pick them up 🙂

  • I love it. One of the things I love most about it beyond the execution and style is it is something I would have never thought of!

    Also procreate updated you can go back to photoshop btw. So both ways with a psd with layers intact. I finally have a process down which is odd I sketch in procreate, take to photoshop or mangastudio to paint then back to procreate to finalized. Backwards I know.

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    @Stephanie-Hider Not that backward. I actually love ProCreate brushes better than Photoshop brushes. I even asked the ProCreate service center if there is a way to export their brushes into photoshop, but there isn't (the brush engines are different). I was trying to find out why I like them so much, and I believe it is the pressure-sensitivity algorithm - it seems closer to how a natural brush or pencil behaves. Recently, I have been playing with ClipStudioPaint, and I think the way brushes behave in that software is much closer to ProCreate - very very nice. I can see why people prefer CSP for sketching and inking (I do not think the painting flexibility is close to Photoshop, though I may be wrong)...
    But yes...abundance problems!

    Anyway, I need to get going with color on this one. I will start today!

  • I really really love how CSP paints. I wish Kyle would do brushes for it but I have a ton so I shouldnt complain and only use 3 or 4 of them on a regular basis. I literally cut my painting time in half if not more painting in CSP. So glad to see others like it too 😃

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    So, I did try out the extreme background/foreground separation - I do like it. This piece was such an experiment on so many levels that I feel confused about it being successful or not. But I am quite proud of it at this moment...
    alt text

  • @smceccarelli Oh, you were MOST DEFINITELY successful! This is so very awesome in so many ways. I could look at it for hours!

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    It looks amazing @smceccarelli - congratulations on a wonderful piece! It works on so many levels - colour, value, composition - and it's really interesting to look at with all the details. A really great way to fulfil the challenge 🙂

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    This looks amazing. I love it.

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