People sketches

  • @AndrewCothill good luck! Love the 'papa' on the right!

  • You are so dedicated, your approach I think your rendering is really good, you are capturing form and likeness to a high level. Though I think what could push you to the next level. Is after you have done one set of sketches. Draw the same things in a different pose without any refrence. I know its hard, but it will force you to use your memory. Its something I have found very helpful, I hope it helps. Great work, keep going.

  • @Leontine-Gassenbeek - Thanks a lot! he was fun to draw as he had no chin and a massive body. Strangeness.

    @Steve-Young Thanks a ton, Steve! That means a lot and makes total sense. That approach might also help to reduce the complexity too.

    I predict a sudden downturn in qulaity but i won't let the fear of that get to me. I won't i tells thee!

    ok then, prepare for failure! and hopeful success! and character growth! and all that good stuff xD

  • Everything is a success, failure is an opportunity to learn. When you learn, you get better. So the more you fail the more opportunity you have to get better, therefore less failure. Win Win.

  • Here's tonight's. As it says on there: i did the first one from ref, the second one referencing the first and the third one trying to remember and simplify. Thank you muchly, mister @Steve-Young!

  • Everything here is awesome! I'm super jealous of your skills!

  • @AndrewCothill Oh yes, Drawing makes you stronger, healthier, helps your emotions to mature. All because your self confidence is growing!

  • Thanks @AndrewCothill, you've done a great job with the last example. Keep going with your practice, but you also need to put that practice into some final artwork!

  • I really like this last example, you captured that attitude that seems to resonate from the character very well. I especially enjoy the way you added value to his hair, to me it really solidifies the drawing itself. Awesome work man!

  • @Christina-Taylor-Brown That's very kind of you, Christina! Thanks for saying so but i really, honestly feel like it's getting lucky a few times... when it goes wrong, it goes really WRONG! xDD you should see some of the drawing of people i was doing about 2-4 weeks ago! xD

    @Leontine-Gaasenbeek - i'm not sure if self confidence is growing but i can definitely see where false confidence has played a massive part in my development. Also, there's a lot of times i wished i just shut up and kept drawing instead of analysing so much. There's soo much i never knew that comes from just drawing and studying every day!

    @Steve-Young when you say finished piece do you mean moving from a reference to an imaginative drawing and then pushing it all the way to a sort of polish stage? i'm hoping to traverse back to the 3rd Thursday comp and hopefully that will be from ref, simplified and then taken to as mfinished as i can muster! 🙂 Thanks for your energy and ideas too, btw!

    @Ben-Rudnicki142 Thanks very much, Ben! I saw the hair as the biggest challenge on the image but what you say makes so much more sense than just a technical challenge, it makes it about a hole person and i never really thought of it like that. Thanks!

    I'm currently doing around 3 other big things so i'm trying to squeeze these in quicker these days/ Here's tonight's It's not fully successful but i didn't feel like i was checking reference this time. it was more like i was rying to catch who this guy was. I'm not sure if that doesn't sound like poo but i'm not sure i really understand it myself at the moment. Changes are a-foot!


  • Great work, I like your imaginative stuff. Your correct, push your lessons using reference to create a final imaginative piece. Good luck with that.

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