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  • @Javier-Diaz WOW....5 - 10 seconds....Eek! I kind of chickened out and used this site: for tonight's

    I'd really love to have the nerve and that honed skill of being able to capture something that quickly. Well i guess i'll never get that skill if i don't practice it. I have a day off tomorrow and i i'm going to take a tiny sketcbook, yes!!! Thanks very much for the advice!


  • ok. OKAY.. well tonight really didn't take off and a lot of it was spent logically arguing and coming up wih points why i really didn't HAVE to draw tonight. I'm tired, i'm in pain, "don't i deserve a day off?" and on and on. So these are rather grouchy drawings which didn't really have any direction.

    Still, i believe that people's sketchbooks should be filled with a lot of bloody awful drawings that just didn' turn out very well. I think it makes us human and allows us to go easier on ourselves... you know.... in a day or two xD


  • @AndrewCothill Andrew, you rock! I love your sketches. Please never stop! If you can, give yourself a zoo year-subsciption!

  • @AndrewCothill The Hippo is awesome!

  • @Leontine-Gaasenbeek Thanks so much for the very kind words! I'm afraid that i'm still sketching from reference as opposed to the real thing. I finish work at 2100 and have a small amount of time to wind down before bed and these sketches fit into there - sorry, that's just an explanation on why i use referencce instead of real...ness 🙂

    OK, tonight, i'm changing my workflow so i can get up earlier.. which means bed earlier too so i kept it at 3 drawings/paintings. These were done in an hour and i'm honestly really surprised by how the horse turned out. Turns out more practice means being surprised more often when it turns out ok... more xD


  • @AndrewCothill said:
    Thats so true. When you start practicing more, its surprising what your brain learned! The horse is beautiful, and you have a gift for characters! Continue practicing every day, thats an assignment I give to myself. Thanks for inspiring ! Cant wait to see the next one!

  • Erm, just the one tonight, i promise, it'll be different next time.. honest!


  • Really great work!

  • Thanks, Steve!


  • oh, btw, the first woman from the right was eating something so, yeah... it was a goood pose bu now i look at it.. ahem. yeah xD

  • So today was a push a little more towards caricature. I'm trying not to concentrate so much on likeness but to develop (and sometimes just use the expression/construction as a starting point) a feel of character or their emotional state... sometimes even just a fun stance! WIsh me luck!


  • @AndrewCothill good luck! Love the 'papa' on the right!

  • You are so dedicated, your approach I think your rendering is really good, you are capturing form and likeness to a high level. Though I think what could push you to the next level. Is after you have done one set of sketches. Draw the same things in a different pose without any refrence. I know its hard, but it will force you to use your memory. Its something I have found very helpful, I hope it helps. Great work, keep going.

  • @Leontine-Gassenbeek - Thanks a lot! he was fun to draw as he had no chin and a massive body. Strangeness.

    @Steve-Young Thanks a ton, Steve! That means a lot and makes total sense. That approach might also help to reduce the complexity too.

    I predict a sudden downturn in qulaity but i won't let the fear of that get to me. I won't i tells thee!

    ok then, prepare for failure! and hopeful success! and character growth! and all that good stuff xD

  • Everything is a success, failure is an opportunity to learn. When you learn, you get better. So the more you fail the more opportunity you have to get better, therefore less failure. Win Win.

  • Here's tonight's. As it says on there: i did the first one from ref, the second one referencing the first and the third one trying to remember and simplify. Thank you muchly, mister @Steve-Young!

  • Everything here is awesome! I'm super jealous of your skills!

  • @AndrewCothill Oh yes, Drawing makes you stronger, healthier, helps your emotions to mature. All because your self confidence is growing!

  • Thanks @AndrewCothill, you've done a great job with the last example. Keep going with your practice, but you also need to put that practice into some final artwork!

  • I really like this last example, you captured that attitude that seems to resonate from the character very well. I especially enjoy the way you added value to his hair, to me it really solidifies the drawing itself. Awesome work man!

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