Make a Wish Day book covers

  • I was asked to make a cover design for a novel, who is written by a girl who is really ill. She was given a Make-a-wish-day and wanted to be 'a writer for one day!These are the designs I'd made for her. Sometimes it is good to give away without payment. I find that when you give away some, its a very good benefit for your emotional bankaccount!
    (I keep it limited tough because I cant support my family from that! ;-))
    1_1486370294613_vakantieliefde zon leontine gaasenbeek klein.jpg 0_1486370294612_vakantieliefde leontine gaasenbeek klein.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I really like these! They're a bit different from your usual style, but they look really nice! One small critique--I find that the shadow of the wrinkles on the guy's pants is a bit too dark and draws the eye a bit. Other than that, beautiful!

  • @Sarah-LuAnn Yes they are, usually I illustrate for children, But as I worked on these I thought I might make a series like these, perhaps its a style fitting for magazines etc. Thanks for the tip, I'll change that!

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