Dog and Orchestra Illustration

  • Hi everyone. Im working on this illustration of a dog with an orchestra of bugs. can I get some feedback on it?
    I am wondering if:
    Is the dog too realistic compared to the bugs? Some bugs I was trying to go more realistic, and then the others are more cartoony. Make the dog more cartoony to match bugs better? (Some of the bugs are just color blocked in to get the feel of it)
    Do I need brighter colors?
    I really like my pencil sketch, which is overlaid on there now. I like it on the dog, but the bugs are more cartoony, so it doesn't seem to work there. Redo bugs so they match the dog, or redo dog so its simplified and matches the bugs?

    any opinions appreciated...

    0_1485585069877_Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 12.30.45 AM.png

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    Lovely concept! I do not think there is a disconnect between the dog and the bugs. They fit together quite well, the common style of hatching and coloring unifies them, as well as the color palette. I do not see a need to change the level of "cartooniness" (whatever that means) of either. Where I would think about changes is in the poses, though. A dog that is so flat on the ground in this way would normally have his front paws close to his head and visible:

    alt text

    Without that, it feels like a disembodied head. The poses of the bugs feel a little too stylized and stiff, particularly the grasshopper. The little bug that is just about turning the ridge of the brow would fall down backwards if he was walking that way - balance of the poses is normally non-negotiable even in very stylized or cartoony treatments.
    Otherwise, I think the image really works! You may think about using the same line treatment that you use them on the dog also on the bugs, to bring them more "together".

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    Lovely concept, yes I think about this all the time, continuity of all the characters, your bugs style is adorable. So is the dog. Maybe you could play around with two types, upping the details on the bugs to match the current dog and loosening the dog to match the current bugs-just a thought! Thanks for sharing, excited to watch your progression 🙂

  • This is a really fun piece … And just some things to try but not that necessarily that need to be "fixed"… Maybe a suggestion of sky color (done loosely) to possibly create a smoother transition between the ground and the white background may even help to make the bugs and dogs seem more tied together. You could also try doing a color overlay to possibly unify the piece if you feel like it still disjointed. Might help, might not help… You'll never know until you try.

    But, honestly… These are just experimenting type steps you have a great illustration now.

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    I love it.

  • Thank you for all the feedback. Super helpful. Several good suggestions to work it out better. I'll post revisions when I have them. 🙂

  • @MirkaH I love your illustration!

  • here is where I got today. I wanted the background to be faded so it doesnt fight with the main image. should the bugs be a little brighter still?
    0_1485676985649_dog illustration2.jpg

  • @Mara thanks that is really a cute picture. i looked up a bunch, but didn't see that one. I added a paw from memory on there. hope it looks like it fits.

  • @MirkaH Love it!

  • @MirkaH

    I think the softer line on the first dog’s profile was nicer.

    In Photoshop I removed the grey cloud and it looks lovely. I haven’t figured out how to add images here to show you.

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    This is beautiful! I agree that the grey cloud is distracting, I think just lightening it a bit would solve that. I think maybe brightening the bugs a TINY big might be good too. I love this! I think the pale sky is just asking for some story text up there, or you could put your name and logo and send this out as a post card.

  • @Sarah-LuAnn You are right. This was what I had thought about having as the cover page for my portfolio, so my name would be in big text in the middle of the page. which was why I was originally thinking of having a white background or a faint background so its not too distracting. But with the way it is now, I think its too busy to have a cover page with my name. granted I've never seen anyones illustration portfolio before, so don't have much to compare to. lol personally from my art background less is more, but with illustration, it seems there is more leeway with how things are put together.

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    just lovely

  • I miss the soft sketchy lines outlining the dog's face. I do think the bugs could be a bit more intensely colored--I prefer the more intense warm colors of the first image. (I'm not sure if you mean bright as intense or bright as in clear--closer to primary colors)

  • @anthemsweet Also, as I am looking at both images, it looks like you got rid of a lot cross hatching, but I really miss it. I think it looks fresher and more lively with it.

  • thanks everyone. I need to go back and work on it some more.

    @anthemsweet the cross hatched lines are still there. its hard to see the details when you have to reduce images a lot to make them attach here. 🙂

  • Delightful!

  • @MirkaH I love the details on the dog, beautiful!

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