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  • I have been listening to today's ( Jan 20 ) webinar and everyone was wondering what Licensing Reps take as a percentage.
    My Licensing Agency takes 50% which is the industry standard.
    The reps go to all the shows like the Atlanta Gift Show and they absorb all the booth/show costs,so this helps it makes sense.

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    Oh my gosh! 50% is a lot! Thanks for the info. I had no idea that is the industry standard for that market. That is like a gallery percentage. That seems too high in my opinion.

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    Wendy, I love your work it is beautiful, I have admired it over the years, were you on picturebook's illustrators website in the past as well?

  • @Lee-White I agree, it sounds like a lot - but, I think with licensing work, you have potential to make a lot more overall, correct? If your artwork is going on so many products and reaching a greater audience perhaps you wouldn't "feel" the weight of your agent taking 50% of your profit.
    And like @artist said, they're going to trade shows to get you the work, which are incredibly costly. If you go at it without a rep, you might only be able to afford one trade show per year and even then you're paying a few thousand for the smallest booth available (let alone other costs to get you there, printing, etc.).
    I really don't know that industry though so I'm only speculating!

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