My Dummy book project

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    Awesome so far, looking forward to following your progress!

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    Thank you very much. I drew a few more rough pages today and finished up the tittle page and first spread inks and colors. Working on a double page spread of the treasure map now. 0_1483945926750_Page_1_Finished.jpg 0_1483945939502_Page_2_3_finished.jpg

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    I'm going to do three finished spreads to submit but wondering how finished I need to make the rest of the dummy book? Can I get away with having the other pages as rough as the thumbs I have up top? Or do I need to finish them up a lot further?

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    @evilrobot I think its looking great. As far as your questions, I would like to know the same thing.

  • This looks fantastic! Keep up the good work! Those 3D figures are pretty sweet 🤘

  • Just had the same conversation with my agent - she said for a first book of an unknown author you would need to have the whole book drawn (not as thumbs, but line-drawings) and 4 finished color illustrations. My thumbs look similar to yours as a level of finish, and she said that definitely would not be enough.
    But again, that is only one input from this direction, I am sure there are exceptions.
    It looks great so far, BTW!

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    @smceccarelli Thanks so much that is great to know!

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    @smceccarelli don't know if you could answer one more question. How much of my project is OK for me to show on social media? I know if I'm trying to sell this they don't want the whole story out on the internet. Can I show all my drawings without the story?

  • @evilrobot Oh, I really do not know. I have been wondering the same actually....I have not asked.
    My gut feeling is to keep the book project out of social media (I mean the one I am working on) as much as possible. But it's only a hunch, not based on any advice or comment.

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    I've wondered the same thing, unfortunately I don't have a definitive answer either. My own gut feeling was also not to show the whole thing, if I want to sell it to a publisher...though I think characters and 'establishing the look' type of pictures would be alright (again just personal reaction). That's from the point of view of being unpublished...I want to put my best work/best character designs out there to get the best chances of being picked up...but maybe if I had a publisher/established links/an agent already I wouldn't need to and could keep the whole thing a surprise.

  • I've also wondered the same thing about posting book projects on social media. I would imagine sharing final illustrations would be okay if you plan on self publishing, but have no idea what a potential publisher or agent would think about it. I look forward to seeing what others think on the subject!

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