Where do you sell your original artwork/prints?

  • Hey all,

    I want to sell some of my original artwork and prints. Which site do you all use ? Etsy? Amazon? or anything else?
    Any other tips for a newbie seller?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Ranjani

  • SVS OG

    @Ranjani-Raghavan Hello Ranjani - i put my work up on Society6 - it is very easy to do and the quality is good - you supply the image and they do all the production and shipping - this may not be what you are looking for though if you are producing your own prints - i noticed Will Terry used Society6 so i thought i would try it - if you go to my portfolio site and click on "buy prints" at the top of the page it will take you there ( kevinlongueil.com ) - You have the option of having your image put on many different things - i opt for just prints and stationary - one thing worth mentioning is that someone was shipped the wrong print for Christmas which is not good.....but Society6 shipped them the right one as soon as they found out..which is good - so far i am liking it 🙂

  • I also have some stuff on Society6, but need to update it more often for sure... seems like a decent service though.

  • I use Inprint but I can't really compare them to other sites for you. They seem fine.

  • also depends if you are planning on printing things yourself/ keeping stock in house, or doing a print by demand thing. if you do print by demand, its fast simple, but margins are small unless you are selling a lot. if you print at home, you can have bigger margins potentially, but have the liability of a printer. or you could order prints small/or big amounts of ready prints and have stock ready on hand, which I think is the worst option to start out with, because you need a place to store and money to start. and if your prints down sell then you're stuck with them. I have some things at print on demand site, but don't sell a lot there. I print on demand and most of my sales happen through my mailing list, instagram and etsy, and I have a Canon Pro100 printer that does excellent work that only cost me $160 after rebate. hope that helps, thats whats working for me right now.

  • Thanks you all!!
    Has anyone tried amazon??

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