Eight Arms to Hold You

  • I had this Veruca Salt album title in my head recently and I, naturally, thought of a bunch of octopi clinging to stuffed animals

    I started thinking how I'd love to illustrate this for a card game but I couldn't think of what the game would actually be. Yesterday I was listening to the "Building the Game" podcast (one of the several boardgame podcasts I listen to) and they always practice pitching a game (sometimes using the most off-the-wall ideas possible--just to try and stretch their imaginations).

    As I was listening to the card game the guy was pitching I was like: this could work for Eight Arms to Hold You*. Then the guy was like: "I have zero theme for this game, maybe it could be about shopping? or some kind of fight? I don't know..."

    I was like: bingo. Octopi fighting over stuffed animals. I tweeted the guy my idea and he said he'd think about it. Here is the (cover?) concept I sketched today:

    *unless I can't use that title, then I'll have to think of something else.

  • @mattramsey Can you link the podcast, sounds interesting 😉

  • @RobinSlee said in Eight Arms to Hold You:

    @mattramsey Can you link the podcast, sounds interesting 😉

    Sure: http://www.buildingthegamepodcast.com/

    Also, http://www.ludology.libsyn.com/ is good
    http://dicetower.libsyn.com/rss is one of the major ones (probably the "main" one--it's more of a review type show)
    I also like http://onboardgames.libsyn.com/

    Really there are quite a few good ones beyond the ones I've mentioned!

  • @mattramsey Sweet. Cheers mate. 😉

  • i think I should change that tongue to maybe pointing up and to the side. The idea is that he is concentrating on stealing that penguin. I also might not have it ripping--that might be too morbid for this type of cover.

    I know I have several tangents to work out and my lighting is not great. If I go forward on this I think I'm going to try and heavily reference Adam Rex's painting/color style (in books like Chu's day, Billy Twitters...).

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