Christmas Greetings

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    @Eric-Castleman Thank you! Yes I don’t feel quite myself without the regular art postings…I had got used to doing those and don’t want to get out of the habit. My two year old is being really challenging right now, and what with Christmas, school stuff as’s all too much - but I’m hoping that the new studio will really help me get more quiet time to be focused. Our existing space is in an old conservatory right next to the sitting room and it's not easy to work there when the kids are on's also cold in winter and absolutely boiling hot in summer, it's like a greenhouse. So I'm looking forward to a new space.

    @Joy-Heyer Thank you! Very kind 🙂

    @Pamela-Fraley Thank you!

    @Naroth-Kean Thanks!

    @holleywilliamson Thank you! Glad you like it 🙂

    @lmrush Thank you!

    @kai-satoshi Thank you! Yes I will get together some pics of the studio and post them…

    @smceccarelli Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and the feedback. I know what you mean about the ‘cutout’ look…this is actually the second version of the robin, the original was totally traditional on one piece of paper, but I didn’t like how it turned out so much..when you squinted it didn’t have much contrast…so I re-did the robin and branch, cut it out and put on top of the original background.

    Ah how exciting that you are also creating a new studio! Your existing studio already looked very useful, last time you posted pics..but the more space the better, I’m sure! Yes it has been an enormous amount of hassle to get it built, for us too…hopefully will all be worth it, for both of us 🙂

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    Hi everyone…Well I was asked by @kai-satoshi to post pics of our studio, so here goes…hope it’s not too many pictures overall, but I thought I’d show the process too…because it’s been a loooong long process building it, it’s been like building a whole tiny house in miniature.

    So anyway, here are a few of the process, building the timber frame:




    And finally it turns into this!


    Here’s the inside (not 100% finished but nearly done) - and the most exciting part - all that bit along the back is my new art desk!


    It’s at least four times the size of my existing space for making traditional art, and hopefully this will be really helpful when doing the watercolours/traditional bits….at the moment I can barely fit large pads on my old desk, with all my inks, pencils etc lining the back…so I’m really looking forward to this. A close up:


    At the other end is a toilet and kitchenette - so once inside we don’t have to leave for anything 🙂

    My husband and I are super excited about the whole thing…with the kids making the house a less peaceful place it will hopefully be really helpful....

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    @Dulcie Wow - your studio already looks INCREDIBLE! Can't wait to see it finished and I can only imagine the wonderful creations that will come from within this amazing space!

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    Aww thanks @Rich-Green glad you approve 🙂's been such a busy few months. I've had to look after the kids solidly/all school runs/home stuff, while my husband has supervised everything about the build (and done a lot of work himself) ...I've been coming out at intervals to see what's changed.. The garden is a bit wrecked by it all (mostly mud out there) but I guess that will recover with time...

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    It looks awesome!!! So beautiful both on the inside and on the outside!
    I am in the middle of it still, can't wait for it to be over....

  • @Dulcie Ahhh How cool is this! Lots of beautiful projects will be born in this place! Good Luck Dulcie! Happy New Year! xx

  • @Dulcie I am sure you will forget the world around you, when you work at this wonderful place. 🙂 The year cannot start better. Happy New Year for you!

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    Wow @Dulcie that looks like such an inviting space! Did you guys design it or use existing plans? Very inspiring and I hope it serves you and your art well!

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    @smceeccarelli I’m sure the chaos and upheaval will be worth it in the end…I’ve just moved in and although we’re still waiting on water and properly fitted electricity, it is already amazing and definitely worth it…(though it’s much easier to feel that way once it’s all over!)

    @Leontine thanks! Glad you like it...I hope it will be good for project-creation 🙂

    @Jana Thanks and Happy New Year to you too 🙂

    @natiwata Thanks! We did have someone design it for us, so it wasn’t off-the shelf so to speak, but instead it fitted our garden space better..our land space is limited and we wanted to get it right first time, rather than something which only half-worked…

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    It is gorgeous, what wonderful light, Such an inspiring place to create- I am so happy for you!

  • Wow, such a beautiful space to work in! Congratulations 😃 I'm sure this will suit your needs perfectly!

  • @Dulcie Congratulations, your studio is wonderful, lots a space and it looks so modern clean lines. Great place to create.

  • This looks amazing! Such a great space. Your bird is very cute too. I really like the background.

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    @lmrush Thank you! Glad you approve 🙂

    @Camomilla Thanks! I hope so 🙂

    @Mara Thank you! 🙂

    @ShereeNorthrup Thanks! Glad you like both the studio and the robin, appreciate the kind words 🙂

  • @Dulcie What a lovely space to create. The location and the lighting are fantastic. I wish many happy hours there.

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