Illustration 1 Class opens next week!

  • Hi Lee,
    Is this the same class you mention ("I'll be starting my new class in January that is based around building your business and portfolio")?

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    @Mara No, this is a studio type class and is the first in a series of illustration classes. This one is more geared for how to work as an illustrator, how to come up with good content in your images, etc. We will be doing assignments weekly in this class.

    The portfolio class looks at your existing work and that is the starting point. We will focus on what images are working, which ones aren't working, your overall business strategy, etc.

  • Oh, conundrum! I was anxiously waiting for the portfolio class to be announced so I could sign up. But just this last week I was frustrated with my inability to come up with good ideas for illustrations so this class would be so useful! How to choose?! (Do I have to?)

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    @Joy-Heyer Ha! That's a good problem to have.

    I'm still figuring out the portfolio class. I'm trying to really analyze what people need. So far I've come up with three models that would serve most students:

    Model 1: Single image critique. This is just looking at one specific image and getting it looking it's best. This would be a moderate price like $50

    Model 2: Multiple image crit. This would look at a few different images (such as a children's book or a few images for a portfolio) and might last a little longer. Such as 3 weeks. This would be more expensive than option 1, such as $250.

    Model 3: Full Portfolio and business crit: This would look at all images, website design, business model, advertising, etc. It would last around 6 weeks and get someone ready for agent or publisher submissions. it would be the most expensive option around $550

    All these options might be available at the same time. We are tweaking our website and it has the capability to offer different class models at the same time.

  • All those options sound very useful...though Model 3 scares me a little. I'm not sure my portfolio, website, business model, etc are up for scrutiny--even in a SVS class with kind and encouraging teachers! Which is a good indicator that it is what I need. I just want to be in a position where such a class would be beneficial and not waste anyone's time.

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    Thank you! Very exciting!

  • I would be interested in this class, let me see what I can swing. I have to do Christmas shopping first, and see what I can do. Just got my hands on an iPad Pro and Apple pencil( early present to myself) which I'm loving even more than my 13" cintique. My funds may not be there but I shall see what things look like after a week or two of family Christmas shopping. Hopefully there is still space.

  • @Lee-White if I could front up 250 to hold a spot then payout the rest after the holidays I could swing that. Can I get more info on the time schedule, weekly meetings, and work load I could pull the trigger on this. Just want to know the expectations so I know if I have the time to get the most out of the class that I can. Thanks

  • Is this class also going to be recorded or is it just for those 15 people and that´s it? And are the dates and times of the meetings already set?

  • I am new to all of this... so, does our subscription to SVSLearn cover classes like this or is that only valid for the back catalog of classes/courses. I apologize if this is a FAQ situation... but, I would certainly be interested in this particular class (though I don't have $500 to throw down at the moment). Thanks!

  • Just read the FAQ... I apologize for the time wasted.

    Sadly, not going to be able to do the live class at this point. BUT, loving the subscription so far... tons of great existing courses/classes to check out.

  • @Lee-White any more info here on this class?

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