Progress (Pen & Ink)

  • Hey everyone, thanks for the warm greetings!

    I haven't posted anything since my first post, so I thought I show svs what I've been working on lately. Recently, I've been focusing on pen & ink . I've gotten a little more confident in my drawing skills after I made the decision to ditch the pencil and only work with pen. Not having to think about correcting mistakes has helped me generate more drawings. I would love any feedback or to just have some cool conversations about art. I'll make sure to check the forums and look at everyone else's threads as well. Thanks guys!

    This is my freehand drawing of a portrait I referenced from Drawing Expressive Portraits by Paul Leveille. I had both Jake Parker's How to Ink class and David Malan's Drawing Fundementals in mind while drawing.

    (I drew the eyepatch because the left eye was out of porportion. )

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    Nice drawing!! I agree that erasing and correcting sucks the life and the fun out of drawing. You do not need to ditch the pencil necessarily, just ditch the eraser! I personally like tools that allow me to do a layout sketch very light and then re-inforce the lines I want to keep and just ignore the others. Ballpoint pen and any type of pencil (including colored pencils, which I use a lot) allow that process. If you use water-soluble pencils, you can just "melt" some lines at the end and get some nice washes...I particularly like that approach when I have the time.
    Check out the work of Heinrich Kley for some really cool ballpoint pen drawings....

  • @smceccarelli This is actually really sound advice! I even have some water-soluble pencils that I've never used haha. I forgot they were soluble. I do layout before I leave any harsh lines, I stipple an outline for the linework, then I do the same thing for the shadows.

    Heinrich Kley is Awesome!! He has so much rhythm throughout his drawings. The poses of his characters are expressive and lifelike as well. Thank you for the reference