Anyone want to create some new prompts for December?

  • I like what the SVS team has in mind for the new 3rd Thursday, but I feel it would be good for us on the forum to continue to help push each other with the old prompt format. I know we tried something like it right after, but it seemed we all were focused on Inktober at the time.

    Anyone want to have a go at it again?

  • I have a prompt suggestion. If enough are interested in illustrating the prompt, we can make it it's own post under 3rd Thursday. We could even have multiple goal deadlines--like 1st Thursday = thumbnails, 2nd Thursday = draft, 3rd Thursday = finished. We could all weigh in with critique and encouragement at each phase...?

    Here is my prompt suggestion: Lilly's shoes used to match.

  • @Joy-Heyer I like the ideas, and think we should go with it. However, the forum seems to be a bit dead during this holiday weekend, at least in the US! So maybe we should wait to get enough people on board then start. What do you think?

  • I had an idea for a prompt (doesn't have to be the first one people do): Design a box cover for a Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo era video game. The cover should show:
    1.the main protagonist (doesn't have to be human),
    2.a couple of the baddies, item/weapon in the game (the protagonist could be wielding it) and
    4. at least 2 levels.

    Here is an example--this example is actually from a board game but this is the idea. (they show 4 different levels--grass, ice, lava and sky). You don't have to name/title it:


  • @Eric-Castleman I think you are right. Waiting until January is a good idea.

    @mattramsey Great prompt! It would definitely stretch me beyond my comfort zone!

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