my Aug 3rd Thursday entree.

  • 2015-08-18 21.21.25-1280x901.jpg

  • Haha, great Idea! I think your picture would of worked better (oh i don't know know thinking about it) if the viewer was a little closer.

  • @Steve-Young Thanks for your thoughts . I suppose I could crop it. But I've already submitted it.. I also realize that when I sent it in it wasn't less then 2000 px I hope that won't count against them critiquing the piece. (Rookie mistake) I like your piece aswell. The lip flowers are my favorite.

  • Thanks, because my monitor calibration problems the colors are terrible.

  • Hi!
    Since you are posting this also in a separate thread, I guess you want critique, if not, just ignore it 🙂 I like the idea btw.

    1. Shadows are completely random. Eyes have highlights like there is light coming right at the face, but the shadow is under the ship, so it must be coming from top...but wait shadow is also on the cheek so it mus be coming from bottom.... hm?
    2. Ship looks flat, try breaking it to basic shapes like a cylinder. The top platform for example must be wrapping around the round shape.
    3. As Steve said, zoom in so the astrid is bigger, since she should be the main focus of the drawing.
    4. Medium - I cant say I like marker + pencil combination. Either go just marker or just colored pencil. If pencil, then polychromatic pencils so you can blend colours. But still, I think its harder to make finished piece look good with pencils than brushes. Its a lot faster, yes, but unless you are really skilled it will look amateurish.
    5. buy a scanner

  • @Jiří-Kůs thanks for the input. Yea I see what you mean about random light sources..I do have a scanner and I think next challenge I'll have to colour using a computer. I got a new set of pencils and got all excited and used them. I can see from pieces like yours that I need a lot of work to go. Luckily there's many more 3rd Thursdays to come. I can easily see your work being in the top 3 if not this months winner. I thoroughly enjoyed your use of colour and composition. Great illustration over all ^_^

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