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  • Hello guys, I did a piece inspired by recent election events and the book "Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In case you haven't read the book it's about how random this world is and the events that are unexpected (almost bizarre) shape the world. I am trying to see if it's a good piece from the storytelling point of view, I treated it as a magazine cover. All feedback are welcome

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    I think a cooler color for the background would make the cape and swan pop more. I would also take the brown outline on his legs and make it a dark tone of his current leg color. With the brown it draws my eye to focus on his legs. I really like his confident stand he has.

  • How weird - I swear I commented a long comment on this last night! Argh to computer glitches! Anyway, this is a lovely illustration. I'm not familiar with the story of the black swan, so I can't really comment on the context of the illustration's back story, but I'm guessing maybe it's the same as the black sheep? But I agree with Chip that a cool colored background would really help make the swan pop more. Also, I'd maybe add some greys to the swan with a white highlight or two on his feathers and feet. That will all help to make him look a bit more dimensional. I love the pose!

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