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  • Hi guys, I am looking for a story for this picture to tell. I only have two emotions that I would like to associate in the story which are "cold" and "lonely". I cannot think of anything. Can anyone please add a story to this image so that I can further work on this piece?
    This is a WIP


  • Your style here is very beautiful.
    It does give the feeling of a sad, and lonely place. I can see a lost pet or a lost kid.
    I can also see ghosts in here (maybe a lonely ghost sitting on the dumpster).

  • @Doha Thank you so much! I also posted this on SVS facebook page and someone said "No matter how hard she tried, Yani could not forget that day"
    So yes, a lonely child. Now you said a ghost. Maybe they meet here?
    I am pretty scared of character design though...

  • That is a nice concept. I can definitely see them together.
    good luck with the C.D. it's always a fun process.
    looking forward to see the finish painting.

  • What a lovely start - as Doha said, you've got a great depiction of a sad and lonely place. I can also see a stray dog here or a homeless man.

    Perhaps a homeless man sharing his blanket and a can of food with his dog?

    "No matter what life threw at them, Harvey and Smokey always knew they had each other. And that made all of the bad things a little less bad and all of the sad things a little less sad."

    That's what came to my mind. I'm looking forward to seeing this finished!

  • @amberwingart Thanks so much for the reply! A man and a dog comes first in mind when I see a dumpster anyway lol. I personally think the girl and the ghost is a bit more interesting although I have no idea how I will execute it.

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    ha! it's so funny how a theme can become public once you start thinking about it. I was asked to illustrate a story about a girl who sees ghosts around London so I am developing some imagery on this theme too.

    Here's a quick paint on how I would handle it.


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    "It was dark inside, and smelled like coffee grounds and old bananas, but at least no one would see Annabelle crying."

    Lovely illustration, really nice atmosphere/mood. Made me think what if you made almost an entire book without seeing the main character? Actually the book "Shy" did something like that.

  • @natiwata Thank you for your reply!
    Your prompt is lovely and it can verymuch turn into a flowing story for my portfolio but I am scared of pieces like those :p

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    @Nazuba My first thought is a little girl sitting on the fire escape talking to an imaginary monster friend who is sitting on the dumpster. Great picture!

  • @Pamela-Fraley Thank you! Yes I am pretty much set on a ghost and a girl. Got sucked up in projects, Coming back to it now. Thanks for stopping by!

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