Scoundrels: Sketches

  • Hi guys,
    I haven't really been participating in the monthly challenges like I'd like to because I've been working on developing a board game (for the board gamers among us I've put a description of the game below).

    I have these (6) character sketches and before I move on to color I want to get a bunch of eyes on it to see if anything isn't working.

    I don't know if I'm completely sold on the anatomy of the Chemist guy (he was the first one I did). I think I have the most work to do on him but what do you guys think?

    They are all going to be "keyed" to a certain color--not that they will be monochromatic, just that there will be a predominate color in each one.

    These will be the images on player screens which will hide the player tokens from view. The screens will be about 6" wide x 4" high or so. I think these will also be the images on the box art but I'm not certain.

    0_1476722077417_All Sketches small.jpg

    About the game: In Scoundrels your goal is to collect the most bread, silk and gold while avoiding rats. To do this you roll custom dice (Each side is printed with an icon for bread/gold/silk/rats) and play special cards that are unique to each character. In addition to unique cards, each character has a unique ability. For example: The Jester can look through the top cards of his deck and select which ones he wants to use and his cards generally mess with other players (change their die rolls, remove cards from their hands); The Thief gets a bonus roll at the end of her turn and gets to keep any gold she rolls from that and her cards generally have to do with stealing from others.

    As you collect your bread/gold/silk tokens you must decide whether to place them in the bank (where they are relatively safe) or keep them out where they could get bonus points at the end of the game but where rats can steal them.

    The game is played over rounds (which varies depending on the number of players). 2- 6 players; approximate playing time 45 - 90 min.

  • Very cool! I think the anatomy of the chemist is good, the only thing I might suggest is that you could add some curved wrinkles to his upper left arm to sell the foreshortened aspect. I like them, really good facial expressions throughout 🙂

  • This is awesome annd these characters look amazing! Here are the ony little things I noticed:

    • The red lady: her right hand looks funky and too small. Her left hand looks great, so it really draws attention to that right hand that's too small, has no detail and seems to be missing one finger.

    • Yellow guy: his lead looks just slghtly big for his body

    • Green chemist : On the left foreshortened arm, it would probably look a little more natural if you didn't extend the inside line all the way around to the elbow, but instead made a break before the elbow. Right now it looks a little like it's disconnected from the rest of his arm.

    Aside from those little things, their expressions, costumes, eveything look really good! I'm looking forward to seeing these painted out.

  • @amberwingart this is exactly the kind of feedback I need!

    Some of the details (like missing fingers etc) will be addressed but I will definitely go over your other suggestions. I've been staring at these too long to see some of the errors.

  • So the other big question I am having...which one do I start first?

    Bonus question:
    Anyone have a good idea/references for the Thief's (blue lady, top right) hairstyle?

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