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  • I have been taking and participating in SVS classes and critiques since SVS's inception. I absorbed all the information, tips, and suggestions they gave but it wasn't until a few months ago that I started devoting time to practicing what I've learned. Boy, has it made a difference! Here is a compilation of all the "gingerbread boy" illustrations I've submitted for critique either in SVS classes or SVS critique groups. I'm shocked by the difference between the first and the last! (I would love to improve on my latest version of this illustration, so if any of you see anything that needs changing, let me know!) 0_1476722393157_gingerbread evolution.jpg

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    Wow Joy!!!! You are an inspiration! And your work looks professional. Congrats you deserve it!

  • Beautiful! I love the subtle splashes of color on her apron. The only thing I'd consider changing is the airbrushed shadows. It adds a weird fuzziness when you have a sort of cut-out look going on. Maybe try a textured brush for the shadows and then turn the opacity down on your eraser to fade the edges out.

  • I remember your gingerbread boy piece - the one on the top left was the one you submitted for a Third Thursday challenge! Thanks for sharing the progression, my favorite is the one on the bottom middle, but I really like the one just to the left of that also.

  • Thank you @lmrush, @Lydia-M and @Rebecca-Hirsch. Lydia, I went in a fixed the shadows as you suggested and it looks much better. Thanks for the help!

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    @Joy-Heyer Please share -only if you don't mind and have the time-thanks!

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