3rd Thursday Astrid

  • So here is my final piece. benjhutchisonsmall.jpg
    I worked this a few different times and a few different ways. The majority of the painting is gouache and then I added digital on top. I'm still trying to figure out my balance of digital to hand made as I like to make things with paper and pencils and brushes much more than I do on a monitor. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's final pieces.

    Ben J Hutchison

  • Cute, I love the alien dog!

  • SVS OG

    Love it!! The puppy is full of derp and cute as can be! Excellent work Ben, and good luck!!

  • Concerning your gouache dillema, as I feel traditional will always rule over the digital, I would do only fixing and polishing in digital and do as much as possible in gouache. Like for example Lee fixed light and color issue in last 3rd thursday on watercolor painting. Using multiply and similiar layers are saef to use I think, but painting over can easily destroy texture and feel not right.

  • Yeah I went through a huge paint over of Astrid in digital and it just didn't feel right. I had a rough time between my underpainting and my final in terms of color and blending decisions. So I went wayyy overboard with the digital but then cut back to something a little closer to the original.

  • SVS OG

    Ben this is a very nice piece! If it is too late for critique i apologize .....the one thing i would tweak a bit is Astrid's symbol on her space suit - it is ver crisp and and clear and does not have the same line quality as the rest of the piece - so it draws the eye to it more than i think it should - the lines on the edge of the suit would be the perfect type of line to go around the emblem - possibly select the circle in photoshop with the lasso tool, copy it to another layer and then mess with it there to knock it back a bit..... very minor knit picky thing...basically your piece looks great - good Luck!

  • I just wanted to try something, so I did a qauick paintover.

  • Haha this is great.

  • SVS OG

    I would just lighten it where the ear goes behind her helmet. I grin every time i see the dog hehe, just noticed his tail and laughed way too hard

  • Fun and quirky Well done.

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