October 3rd Thursday

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    Well I've been thinking about what @Lee-White said yesterday and making sure that what we're doing is moving our art journeys forward...so tonight I decided to work on a bigger project. In the Fall Critique last week Will Terry did my critique, and he said (if I remember rightly) that I should work on the transitional moments in my linework, eg when moving from close-up to far away, and he suggested some artists that I should study to see how they solve the same problems, including Lee White.

    So what a great time for Lee to release a video showing his process! And I need to do a 3rd Thursday piece, too. So I'm going to try to learn the lessons from the video by trying the same techniques in my 3rd Thursday piece.

    I decided that I'd like to revisit my dogs-in-love, very experimental piece back from February...http://forum.svslearn.com/topic/1105/february-3rd-thursday/20.... I wouldn't work in this way now, but I'd like to try another frame from the story, this time in my newer style/more traditional watercolour. I figured that the simple theme and shapes might be helpful here...and I'd like to include birch trees so I can try the same techniques in the video.

    Here are some thumbnails....any thoughts as to which one I should run with? (or is there a better idea I didn't think of?) (btw 6-8 is a doggy date picnic, if that doesn't quite come across)


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    I like #1 and #2 and I also like what you have going on in #6 thru #8. I like the way the trees are spread out and frame the dogs #6 I like the extra depth in #7 and #8. Nice work πŸ™‚

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    @Dulcie I really like the movement in #3 but I also like the moment of them sitting on the bench together in #2.

  • I think they are all strong compositions @dulcie. My favourite though are 3,4 and 7 for the movement.

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    I like 3 and 7, love the movement in three but love the moment in 7

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    I like 5 the best. You should just do all of them πŸ™‚

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    @evilrobot @Rich-Green @Lee-Holland @lmrush @Chip-Valecek Thank you all very much for your feedback and thoughts, I appreciate it! Always so useful....well considering all you've said, I think #2, #3 and #7 come out on top....

    @Chip-Valecek hehe I would like to do all of them! ...but I will try for two of them instead - probably #2 as a full piece (maybe using the faces from #5), then I might try #3 but more of a spot illustration (don't have many of those in my portfolio), without the trees but still keeping the movement.. Will see how that goes...

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    I like them all and they could all be successful! I have nearly the same choice that you have. Number 2 is a bit less original than the others (this viewpoint with a couple in love from the back has been done a zillion times), I am mostly drawn to 3. Number 7 is also great, I also like number 8. I am wondering if you have tried some where the lady dog is lying down rather than sitting - sorts of a relaxed contentement kind of pose.
    Anyhow, they are all beautiful and I look forward to your piece!

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    @Dulcie I agree with Simona that these are all good - For me though number 4 stands out - that moment is the most interesting to me - the others are more static which is not a bad thing - but the story i create for number 4 is that they are very happy to see each other and that this is the moment that the dog on the left notices the dog on the right is coming to see her - it is new love - a chance meeting or a planned rendezvous - either way i see the excitement of that moment (which is a great moment)in that composition - i think i also like the simple composition of it too - with all the vertical lines and very few diagonals the bounding dog holds all of the kinetic energy of that panel - it looks really nice to me - but i do think they are all nice for sure πŸ™‚

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    @smceccarelli Thanks for your considered feedback! I agree with you that #2 is less original, maybe I should reconsider my decision now that #7 has most votes along with #3. I will develop my sketches some more, try one with a lying down lady dog, and see what looks best... Am developing #3 at the moment...

    @Kevin-Longueil Thank you very much for your thoughts! I like that you can see lots of interest/story potential in #4... I think what I will have to do, is remember what you said, and re-visit this thumbnail idea for another piece....

  • @Dulcie Love the concept! I love #3 and #4, perhaps it will be nice to make a short story again? Your characters are great!

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    @Leontine Thank you very much! Glad you think they have short story potential, will see how it goes πŸ™‚

    Here's an update, #3 sketch and values:


    ...and #7 sketch and values... @smceccarelli I tried a lying down dog pose, I liked it better that way - thank you for the suggestion!


    Suggestions for improvement welcome as always..

  • @Dulcie Cute! I love that the dog bone is being carried by a string, and not by a slobbery mouth. Very thoughtful! Watch the bottom left corner. The line of the hill is uncomfortably close. I would also make the whole front hill bigger so the black dog has all 4 paws on it. It looks a little like a sharp edge rather than a gentle slope. Can't wait to see more!

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    @Joy-Heyer Thank you for your thoughts! I will pay attention to those areas you mentioned...I've been doing a v rough colour key tonight and I've added some bushes in that bottom left corner to avoid the hill hitting that corner, and all four paws are on the hill now πŸ™‚


    I don't know how many of you have watched Lee's latest class yet, but in it he describes how he uses the cheapest brushes and destroys them to make them really beaten up, so they make more quirky and interesting shapes with the watercolour. He does things like rub them over concrete and runs over them with his car (!) ...So to prepare for the next step in my piece, I got a couple of cheap brushes to try the same thing...went outside and rubbed them over the concrete....then tried bashing them with a concrete block and broke one of them in two! (oops..) So I gave up that idea and attacked them with scissors instead πŸ™‚

    ...and after all that, they did still make some interesting textures. So I might get some more brushes and go even further with the destruction...

    0_1476219793916_IMG_4683-web2 copy.jpg

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    love your stuff, Dulcie.

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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you! πŸ™‚

    Well, so far I did a smaller scale A4-sized practice piece...in the video Lee has a practice version to work from, which he says he uses to work out any issues beforehand, to practise washes, etc...so I thought I should do that. Because it was only A4 in size I had trouble getting any detail on the dogs (I didn't finish this properly), so hopefully that should be easier in the final piece. I also lost my nerve a bit with the darker tree details...the further I go with a (traditional) piece, the more scared I am that I'll mess it up with the final details. Never mind, will try and do better with the final!

    I'll also try to hit the values a little better, and tweak the colours because it came out very orangey and saturated overall.


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    I love the warm/cool washes on the trees! I think this will turn out beautiful. Lee WhiteΒ΄s says something along the lines of not being afraid of messing things up - he says "itΒ΄s just paper and paint" πŸ˜‰

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    @smceccarelli Thank you πŸ™‚ I started the final tonight, now part-way through...a moment ago I considered it and thought 'hey this is going well so far!' and at the same time a voice in my head went 'okay, so don't mess it up now!' and I felt all that fun arty messing-about feeling start to go away....so I thought, best not think too much - keep painting!

    You and Lee are quite right that it's just paper, it doesn't really matter...I keep telling myself the 'Fail. Fail again. Fail better' mantra and I read another one recently along the lines of 'winners are people who learnt from their past failures' (I paraphrase, can't remember the exact phrasing)...but it applies very well to art, I think πŸ™‚

  • I love the texture your brushes create! I know it is just a practice, but it has so much character! I can't wait to see your final illustration! Beautiful!

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    BTW my daughter saw it (she is 9) and said: "How nice! Dogs in love!", which I think is a great testimony to your storytelling and ability to create mood, because she did not know anything at all about the image and there is nothing obvious about them being in love - itΒ΄s all color, atmosphere and expressions!

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