I don't like my work.

  • I am really bowled over by the responses here! You guys are bloody phenomenal! Thank you.

    I've spent most of the day taking it easy and reflecting on what everyone has said and how to plan out some projects. I found some good project management Apps today. I'm getting serious and will embrace the noisy bastards in my head.

    Have a good day wherever you are in the world right now 😃

  • I want to add that three months ago i decided to form a Comic Group - like a writers group for but artists and writers of comics and zines - and i did it. We've met two times and the third is in a week. It's been wonderful connecting with so many people in this town.

    I even created a FaceBook page to help folk who can't attend. We meet at a lunch time with the help of an organisation called Creative Waikato. They've been awesome too.


    The Inktober project is what pushed me over the "i hate my work" edge. Perhaps that's what i needed. A short sharp shove over into the abyss.

    Anyhoo, take it easy.

  • @papermoon That's great to hear! I'm glad you've been pushed into the abyss.

    I just posted an image and my wife said, "I love that! Do you like it?"
    "nope, there's a lot wrong with it... but I'm glad you like it."

    Which is as good as it gets sometimes 🙂

  • It is a struggle. But if you keep on learning and keep drawing you will get there.

  • I can't say if this would work well for your family, but you mentioned your 4 year old. Perhaps you could get crayons or whatever the Little One likes to use and set him down and have mother/son Art Time. He can color while you work on your drawings, etc... My mom used to do that with me when I was small. I think that kids are naturally fascinated by art, when my nieces were younger they would be entertained by watching my wife and I draw. Good Luck 🙂

  • @papermoon check out this thread I created when I first started. I think it might be of some help. http://forum.svslearn.com/topic/2217/anyone-else-on-here-a-parent-who-is-trying-to-get-better-at-their-art

  • SVS OG

    You're not alone. It's better than you think. I believe we all go through those feelings. It's so humbling to be a ceative peson and put yourself out there. It i s anever ending process to improve and I think that those feelings are growing pains. Oncw yuo can get up and move on yu will get better but, I'm pretty sure you're better than you think. Hang in there!

  • SVS OG

    BTW, I'm almost 60 years old and I have been drawing for years and I still have a hard time fi I compare myself to others on these forums. Be brave! Do i tanyway. I have a facebook page and all my non artist friends love it because they don't know I'm not a master yet 🙂 That helps me feel better sometimes -my little group of fans (mainly friends and family). They are a real boost and source fo encouragement but being on here makes me stretch and feel humble.

  • I have on occasion felt like posting something like you so bravely have, but didn't for fear of seeming whiny and weak. Thanks for showing that it's okay to express an emotion that sincerely expresses how frequently trying to live a creative life can make you want to pull your hair out, and that's okay. Wishing you the best as you move forward. On of my favorite quotes comes from a book character named Sister Creep, "One step. One step, and the next gets you where your going."
    Here's to your next step...

  • o my god! i felt like this only yesterday and found myself steering towards svs community.
    your so brave for posting this.
    i guess I'm at the beginning of the phase.. I'm only a couple a year into actually practicing art that I love. I was ready to fall into despair yesterday when I felt that I have worked so hard and long and still am not where I wanna be.
    thank you everyone for giving advise and support. this may not be my post but was very much needed and helped heaps.

    best of moral and cheers to all

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