3rd Thurday August for fun and for getting better at illustrating: Astrid WIP

  • Okay Hello world, here is my first time ever 3rd thursday sketch. I'm new to Children's Book illustration and It was very hard work and feel free to give me some feed back. As you can see, I need a lot of practise and learning alot from the SVS Children's Book Illustration course that I took. I just let the pen move on the canvas and whatever came to my head, I just started drawing. This is a digital drawing done on a wacom tablet, photoshop. I'm pretty new to the tablet and photoshop.
    And here is a quick color study, a pretty much ugly colored version... I got lost and pretty much gave up half way. Background is just too bright the foreground is just not working at all. Any feed back would be helpful. I might try again and re-watch the videos again too.

  • so cool I really like your drawing! love where it is going so far. Keep us posted.

  • @Naroth-Cow Thanks, I'll do some more color studies and post them up soon. WOW!, I really love your coloured version of the 'drop off dog' piece, its amazing.

  • I think you have done a very good drawing, thought your color comp is a bit vivid. I think think its bad, try and desaturate it a little and see how that works.

  • @Steve-Young Thanks. Your right about the colours being vivid. Once I started using the blending modes it all went down hill from there. I know what mood and feel I want to convey, but trying get that out of my head is the hardest part. I think I was trying to go for that vintage sci-fi look that I use to remember but it failed, badly.

  • SVS OG

    If you bring up your levels and desaturate what you have by a good amount it may be all you need to get that old-timey pulp novel pallet your thinking of - only thing worth mentioning for me would be to add a slightly darker tone to the bottom of the flying saucer - it would be in shadow and have possibly a subtle warm bounce light from the yellow ground - i like your composition and believe it works very well - good luck with this!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks for the feed back. I'm going to give that a go and see what happen's. I'm open to trying anything at this stage.

  • You definitely did not fail, its still a good picture, you just need to fiddle with it a little.

  • @Steve-Young Yeah, I guess I gave up too quickly. Going to keep at it.

  • I think your line work is brilliant, it has some super details. What I would suggest is unifying your colour pallet to reflect the mood you want to communicate to the viewer. You have indicated the light source on your initial line drawing with an arrow so use this as consistently as possible to help guide your shadows and highlights, keeping in mind your desired mood at all times. Once again, brilliant line work!

  • @ChrisRichDraws Thanks Chris, great advise. I will definitely try that out.

  • I'm pretty guttered that I didn't make the deadline. But I'm going to just finish it anyway. I'll just use the 3rd Thursday as a way for me to practice. If I get the work done on time I'll submit it.

  • I would try an finish, in future I would submit it even if it not complete, I think it had a chance.

  • @Steve-Young thanks. I've been recovering from the flu... hence why I haven't been posting. The aftermath of many sleepless nights working. I think I better slow down.

  • Keep at it and you will do a great job :

  • Oh boy, this took many long hours of work and I grew tired of the whole composition. So I gave up and here is the result. Feed back would be good as I'm not very happy with it. I still have a lot to learn though. Thought I would share it with everybody.


  • SVS OG

    @daiolupo I definitely like your newest piece over your first colored piece - the colors feels more unified. In your first colored piece though, you had more defined cast shadows which I think adds to the drama/intensity of the image. And I really think your linework in your initial drawing brought a lot of life to the image. I don't include linework in my images because I personally don't have refined linework, so I don't really have any tips to give you there. But in your case I think there is value in trying to work with your linework rather than painting it out. Of course, if you want to pursue a more painterly style, then by all means lose the linework and forge on ahead 🙂

  • @shinjifujioka hey, thanks, you've given me a lot to think about. I think I should have included some of the line work to see how it might turn out. But anyway, thank you for the kind words and the comments. I really appreciate it.

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