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  • Lately I have found myself super into lighting study especially those I have not done in the past such as overcasting and over exposure. Has anyone been doing this type of lighting studies? If so did you like it? I think I really enjoy this out of comfort zone stuff. 0_1475212417147_overcasting-indoor-1.jpg 0_1475212424418_The-return.jpg 0_1475212431112_bunny.jpg

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    @Naroth-Kean Yes, I have done a lot in the past and I still do them occasionally. Often I use film grabs as references. A couple of years back I wrote a "mission statement" for myself as an artist and I decided that my work would be characterised by the use and control of light (among other things). So I started pruning and growing in that direction as much as I could. Today I do less because I feel drawing and design need more work - I should probably re-introduce them in my routine!
    Overcast lighting is the master of all. Sometimes I will paint everything in overcast and then add the light source at the end. It is the technique championed by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi.

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    @Naroth-Kean Naroth these look really nice! I thought of Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi too when i saw your pieces - They teach a class through Schoolism that is one of the best one there - really great teachers - i really enjoy your watercolor technique but i would have to say that i like this technique equally well - love the penguin painting 🙂

  • @smceccarelli thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I think I need to rewrite my statement as well as the way I see things and doing art has changed a lot since I took SVS courses, and especially being on here with people and their assistants. I will need to look into Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi!!!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Much appreciate Kevin! yes I do love the new technique I have been messing with as well. I don't know but I might have two different execution styles for my portfolio haha. The new technique actually takes longer to finish but I do enjoy the time spent on it for some reason. Now I know my next stop is to visit Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi. Thanks again 🙂

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    @Naroth-Kean You may also want to check out the books by James Gurney - Color and Light and Imaginative Realism. They are like the Bible of realistic painting from imagination (if that is your interest). The first one in particular goes throuh all possible lighting situations and how they work.

  • I just started taking a schoolism class taught by Nathan Fowkes on creating environments and lighting studies are the first thing we're doing. We're supposed to do 10 a week and I can't even get one done! 😕

  • @smceccarelli awesome! I will take a look at his books! Thank you

  • @amberwingart It's tough and tricky but we will get there 😃

  • Here are some more lighting studies I did. Bunny seems to be them haha. I check out Tonko House work and they are amazing. I think I'll try to learn and copy some of the technique they use later! Thanks again for sharing their info 🙂 0_1475638489116_bunny2.jpg0_1475638513840_Bunny-3.jpg 0_1475638522420_bunny-4.jpg

  • @Naroth-Kean I'm a little confused--I thought that in overcast and overexposed situations there was essentially "no lighting". That is, neither gives much room for light/shadow play--everything is pretty much local color (especially in overcast).

    Or is that wrong?

    I think the last two images of yours (the bus and the farmer) are the types of images I usually think of when I think "lighting studies". The other (very good!) images of yours make me think of just straight color.

  • @mattramsey Thanks for the input Matt, the last 3 images are just pure lighting studies in different situations and not focusing on Overcast and Exposed. I need to work on overexposed haha, kind of tricky from pure imagination.

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