How to Find a Mentor?

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    And Giuseppe Castellano is fantastic!!! I did the portfolio review and the pb dummy

  • @amberwingart I'm not sure if this will work BUT when I was in college I had a mentor class and my professor told us to just email an illustrator we like/admire and ask them to be our I did, I emailed Dan Santat and he said yes and I also emailed Selina Alko and she said yes (but I had an in, in that mentor-ship with her as I interned for her and her husband Sean Qualls a few years earlier so idk if that counts). Now it might have been b/c I was in college or I wrote as really great email but either way there's no harm in asking. Please note that I'm not saying to email every illustrator and send multiple emails constantly asking for them to mentor you. If you don't hear from them after some time move on and use a different route to find a mentor. This just one way that may or may not be helpful...

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    @Kekkerz86 Wow! Dan Santat is your mentor?! I wonder if he still does mentoring...

  • @natiwata Wow, awesome - thank you! I've never heard of his courses before - I'll check him out!

  • @lmrush Ooh, I might really benefit from a portfolio review, because I'm wanting to go in an entirely new direction as far as compositions...Thank you for the confirmation about him! 🙂

  • @Kekkerz86 Thank you for the suggestions! Unfortunately, that's what I've tried so far...I've emailed a few of my favorite artists (Omar Rayyan, Gary Lippincott and Halsey Swain, among a couple of others), but I never heard back from any of them. I didn't include any samples of my work in my emails, so I don't know if that was a mistake, but I'm Facebook friends with all of them and my artwork is on my Facebook banner, so they could easily have seen it. I interact with their posts a lot, so I'm not a complete and total stranger (although I'm mostly one). That makes me worry though, because it makes me wonder if I just suck so SO badly that they felt bad about even emailing back. 😞 I only sent one email to each...

  • @natiwata Hmm...I just checked out Giuseppe Castellano's site, but it looks like it's a little specific and short for me...I need someone to look at my body of work and tell me where I need to improve...Maybe I should contact him to ask if he does that? Or would that type of info be included in a portfolio review?

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    @amberwingart Honestly you will not regret it, he is a gem

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    Not sure if you have been following the other thread about live classes/crits, but we will be offering a lot of live options starting in january. I'm running a portfolio class then as well as an AWESOME illustation class that focuses on generating creative and relavent content in your work. We will also be having individual image crits much more frequently too. : )


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    @Lee-White Aesome Lee, I love love SVS!!!!

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