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    @Lee-White That is how I did the whole of art school (I was on the AAU Cybercampus) so obviously works! It was actually perfect for me - I was always able to fit classes in my schedule, and time zone, even if I was traveling (which used to be a lot more then, but still happens).
    I am sure you are aware of it, but this is actually the Schoolims model.

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    I'd prefer a weekend too if there's a choice...the main thing for me would be avoiding the 2-4am UK time slot...hard because you can't really stay up late, or get up early for it.. But if you did weekend daytime that would be early evening in Europe, so much more workable.

    I think it would be great if the classes were recorded anyway - just in case anyone has a family crisis or something that makes them miss a week for some reason...and also in case you end up scheduling them at nighttime in Europe, so we could still do the course without getting too sleep deprived! But having done a couple of live critiques where we all 'sit' in a live classroom and share webcams, it is very cool being live with other artists all around the world and listening to the critiques in real if it is possible to find a joint time to attend all at once that would be nice.

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    @Lee-White A good live time is certainly worth pursuing, but recorded will accommodate all timezones & schedules, and also allow multiple re-playing.

    The forum is great. Actually, I think a forum for each video series SVSLearn does would be great; though, admittedly, potentially hard to manage each over time. (I've had questions & comments on content in specific videos)

  • Personally, I think you already have some great photoshop and digital painting generic courses offered. But the Illustration 1 and Childrens Book 2 and Portfolio specific courses sound perfect!

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    @smceccarelli I have seen the schoolism model. Those guys are great and I'm friends with them. but man are they charging a fortune. Basically $1000 for video feedback and the classes are actually $15 subscription PER CLASS. You can only take one at a time. You can take two classes if you want, but now it's $30 a month, and so on. You can change courses for the single charge, but it's a clunky business model.

    I do like the model that you can watch the lecture at your leisure though. I thought it might be nice to have "office hours" where I'm logged on and you guys can ask questions live. I really want there to be a "face to face" component.

    @QuietYell If you have questions about any video, please don't hesitate to ask in the forums!

    @artspreadsjoy The photoshop and painting classes are great, but a LOT of people need a feedback component in order to really improve. There have been many times in classes I've taught where I did a demo, explained every step, and then given the exact same project as an inclass exercise and people's work is all over the place. I need to be able to say "You need to adjust this thing" to each person depending on what they are doing wrong (or could be doing better). Watching videos is great, but the real learning is in doing and correcting.

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    Exactly, sometimes you know something is wrong you just can't figure out what....I've taken all the basic classes so my brain is full of all the facts about lighting and perspective (I've done all the schoolisim classes as well and yeah I'm not paying $1,000.00 for feedback especially when It's not live feedback and I can't ask questions)....I'm looking for more in depth classes....I just want to take my work from OK to professional level. The feedback from a professional in the field you want to work in is really where the value is going to be for these live classes.

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    @Lee-White Thanks Lee! 🙂

    I guess I meant a forum/comment section anchored to the course/videos themselves or as a sub-section within the general forum.

    (I actually recently did post one that I tagged Jake in where I was looking for a little more on something he had mentioned in the video:, but I should post more often!)

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  • @Lee-White that would be awesome!

    @Lee-White said in Live Class Schedule:

    We could possibly do the individual image crit every other month possibly. Since it's limited to only 10 -12 people maybe it should run more.

  • @Lee-White Oh that's true! I didn't realize that you meant all of these options would provide feedback too! Thats great!

  • I'd love the portfolio development class! A definite yes, along with basic photoshop. A course in InDesign and illustrator would be awesome too.

  • I would be interested in all of them!

  • How would these "Live" classes work?

  • These sound amazing,I like the sound of no4 the gesture class I am really interested in poses ,gestures and expressions and no3 illustration introduction .

  • Oooh. The children's book illustration class, please. I struggle with characters and backgrounds/scenery.

  • @Lee-White in reference to class times, what about a prerecorded lecture and then a scheduled critique, 2 time slots per class, maybe one during the class, and the other scheduled on the weekend for those who might not have the opportunity to participate during a weekday?

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    We have a TON of live classes being planned right now. Stay tuned!

  • I would definitely be interested in the more mid level photoshop painting class. Beginning classes are wonderful, but it's also nice to have a few for the advanced student or professional out there trying to learn something new, or improve on what they have. All sound really interesting!!

  • Do you have the class schedule for the interactive Book Cover course?

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    @Adriana-Bergstrom We are taking new students now. It's open to subscribers now and will be available to the general public in a few days. Only 15 seats total and I think 9 of them are already purchased.

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