Book I illustrated now available

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    It's cool that there is a built in potential audience too, because of it being a toy through Green Toys. Who was the publisher?

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    @natiwata Great insights! Thank you so much for sharing and for your openness.

    Yeah, trying to do someone else's style is painful. Having made a quick glance at what I assumed were the other books, you did a great job! Glad you learned some new tricks in the process!

    Relationships, cordiality, respect, discipline, reliability, etc. are all so important. I completely agree that I preferred to contract or partner with people I liked working with rather than difficult-to-work-with people. So glad that they saw such in you and were willing to "take a risk". I assume that this project went well in their eyes. If it went super-well, then it might be worth attempting to get a written testimony from them as to your work, work ethic & such.

    I bet that 6 weeks was quite rough. I know those kind of projects! At 42 days, that's 1 pages per 1.3 days, and that's not counting the cover nor admin, edits, etc. Whew... Good job finishing!

    Taxes do suck.

  • very nice! congratulation!

  • Awesome Nat! Congratulations. Well deserved, your work is amazing and I can't wait to get a copy. Also, thank you for the solid advice and for shedding some light on the this cloudy subject of $$ and time spent.

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    So great thanks for sharing!

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    @natiwata Got the book - i know it is not your personal style but it is still awesome! Can't believe you did these in six weeks!! Great work!

  • @natiwata awesome job! I can't believe 6 weeks (ok, yes I do believe it but that sounds crazy)!

    Sounds like the paycheck was maybe better than average for a "non-name" like yourself? I guess I was under the impression that about 1/3 of that was standard. So big kudos for landing that!

    Or am I wrong on average pay?

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    This post is deleted!

  • Beautiful work! It looks amazing! Kudos for being able to crank this out on such an aggressive timeline. Also, thank you for sharing your experience as well. It helps a lot. Projects move so fast, it is good to take that "lessons learned" moment. 🙂

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    @BradAYoo Thanks, I hope it does help to share some financial info. Money is so often shrouded in mystery with this stuff which can lead to illustrators being paid less because they don't know how much their work is worth. I've really appreciate how transparent @Lee-White is about money talk.

    @Kevin-Longueil You bought the book?! That's awesome, thanks Kevin!

    @mattramsey I think $10k-$15K is decent pay for a full 32 page picture book. I couldn't imagine doing it for $5k, seeing as how much work it was and that there were no royalties.

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