This was what I was working on for September 3rd Thursday

  • In the middle of this piece I had somewhat of a dilemma, which I have documented here, and I stopped and switched gears on my style. However, since it looks like there will be no live class next month (still unaware of what they have planned) I thought I would post some of the things I worked on before ditching the piece.

    Here is the evolution of my two main characters, from my sketch book to final rendering. I was going to add a parrot that took this pirates pants, and he was going to be in red dotted underwear


    Here is the scene I was going to create. I got as far as moving the characters around into different positions as a mock up before I sketched it up on an illustration board and painted it in gouache.


  • Looking good! Too bad you didn't use it,

  • Neat idea! I would make the mountains smaller so the shark has a nice silhouette against the sky, right now he's getting a bit lost - especially since they are darker then he is and they are further away. Too bad you didn't finish for the competition, but I would still like to see it finished.

  • Making good progress Eric. Totally agree with @Rebecca-Hirsch, There is a similar situation happening with the sail and Thomas' arm. You have a clear silhouette but it gets lost.

    I myself get caught up in style (what I know and what I want for kidlit books). Keep on working it and you will find yourself with a distinct style.

  • Thanks everyone! I already stopped working on this piece, but I might finish it just so it doesn't bother me that it is incomplete. I I love all of your input!

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