WIP - Astrid

  • Still working on my Astrid Illustration. Is the ringed planet working in the background? Cheesy 'craft'? Astrid too cute/young?

  • @Katrina-Fowler Hi Katrina, I think the ringed planet throws off the size ratios a bit. And there's lots of curves but the spaceship breaks that cause it's so vertical, but I dont mind it's basic shape. Watch out for that near tangent with the ring of the planet and the ship. Also the tall land/tree creatures, I would just extend all the way past the bottom of the canvas. I don't think there's a need to show the ground. The overlap on the tree creatures works great!

  • This is a really cute and unique idea! I like it a lot. I think the way that the planet is reading now isn't quite right, but I think some of that is due to colors and values rather than actual form. I had an idea on how it could really pop - I felt like the little girl was a little isolated in how warm she is compared to the rest of the picture and so she looks like she is cut out - but if you were to take that yellow color of her hair that could be really cool color for the planet - maybe to have it brighter yellow at the top and fade to blue midway. Then the top two creatures would have that yellow shining through their eyes as well. Lastly, I would add that same color to the little circular window under her feet. This would also explain the yellow highlights on her ship a little better. I think you have a really strong piece here and I love the creatures! I think the color scheme is really nice as well - just that following through with the use of that yellow for the light areas would really unite the whole image. Anyways, can't wait to see this done 🙂 I did a quick one minute paintover just to show you the idea - because not sure if I explained it well. Anyways, hope it is helpful - feel free to disregard if it is not! 🙂


  • Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I think I'm about done. I wanted a painterly look with as few hard lines as possible. Thoughts before I turn it in?


  • @Katrina-Fowler I think this is a wonderful, very dramatic interpretation of the idea. A great sense of atmosphere. From a more technical standpoint I would keep the planet in the background the same size as in your original concept but bump up the colour yellow/lighter values as you have done in this version. This will enable you to include some dramatic lighting but most importantly bump up the contrast to make your unique creatures really pop. A super idea, great stuff!

  • @ChrisRichDraws Thanks for the feed back! Nothing beets a second set of eyes! I changed the planet background. I do like it better but worry that it over powers Astrid in the image.
    In a way I feel like it's missing 'stuff'. Such as foliage animals and other 'things'. Perhaps I'll try to add that as well.


  • Thats intresting"

  • @Steve-Young hummm..... guess that's better than terrible. 🙂

  • lol, I meant that in a good way.

  • Yes. YES! I like this!

  • I think you should focus on the atmospheric perspective a bit more. Everything just feels like it's right in front of her. Pushing things back, will give it a more epic feel. I also feel like a lot of information is being lost in the rendering style. Maybe tighten up the definition of shapes. Either way, it's on it's way! 😃

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